Undergraduate timetables

Personal timetables

All undergraduate students receive a personal timetable for all units of study they are enrolled in for the current semester.

Personal timetables can be downloaded from the MyUni Website.

Semester One 2013
Personal timetables will become available on Monday, February 18, 2013. Staff-assisted changes may be made during O-Week and Week 1 of Semester One.

Semester Two 2013
Personal timetables will become available on the first day of Semester One exams (i.e. the Monday of the week after StuVac). Changes are available during lunchtime of Semester One exams, Wed–Fri of the week before classes, and Week 1 of Semester Two.

Timetable website

If you would like to know the timetable for a unit of study in which you are not enrolled in this semester or would like to know a timetable for a future unit of study, visit the Timetable website.

This website is useful if you want to change a unit of study and would like to make sure the timetable is suitable for you before enrolling.

Bachelor of Social Work timetables

Please see below for downloadable timetables (pdf) for year three and year four of the Bachelor of Social Work program. Please note, all students must also download a personal timetable.