In the first instance, all enquiries regarding your course of study should be directed to the relevant administrator.

Alternatively, students may visit the Student Administration Office, level 3, Education Building A35. The office is open Monday to Thursday 10am–4pm and Friday 10am–1pm.

Administrative staff


Administrator for BEd (Combined degrees)

Brad Mercer

Administrator for BEd (Early Childhood), BEd (Primary), and BEd (Human Movement and Health Education)

Eva Papas

Administrator for timetables, BSW and Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

Michael Narciso

Administrator for graduate-entry teaching

Nathan Allan

Administrator for postgraduate coursework

Gilbert Cheng

Administrator for block learning

Sherrie Connors

Manager of postgraduate research

Venice Jureidini-Briozzo

Administrator for international students

Gilbert Cheng

Manager of postgraduate studies

Maria-Grace Guerreiro

Manager of undergraduate studies

Brad Mercer

Manager of student administration

Maria McQuilty

Academic staff


Undergraduate and graduate-entry associate dean (student welfare and progress)

Dr Kelly Freebody

Undergraduate and graduate-entry associate dean (policies and programs)

Professor Robyn Ewing

Graduate Indigenous programs director

John Hobson

Higher degree research student coordinator

Dr Helen Proctor

Graduate-entry teaching (Early Childhood) program director

Dr Marianne Fenech

Graduate-entry teaching (Primary) program director

Dr Jon Callow

Graduate-entry teaching (Secondary) program director

Associate Professor
Jackie Manuel

Graduate-entry teaching (School Counselling) program director

Dr Susan Colmar

Graduate-entry social work program director

Dr Susan Heward-Belle

BEd (Early Childhood) program director

Dr Marianne Fenech

BEd (Primary) program director

Dr Christine Preston

BEd (HMHE) program director

Dr Louisa Peralta

BEd combined degrees program director

Alison O'Grady

BSW program director

Associate Professor
Lesley Laing

DipEd (Aboriginal) and BEd (Aboriginal Studies) program director

John Hobson