Teaching – course notices


All Australian and NZ citizens, and Australian permanent residents are offered a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). The 2013 SCP fee for the Master of Teaching is $5904 per year ($2952 per semester). Permanent residents and NZ citizens must pay upfront but Australian citizens can choose to defer payment to the tax system via a HECS-HELP loan arranged on enrolment day (bring your tax file number with you). This option costs 10 per cent more than paying upfront.

All students paying upfront will be sent an invoice shortly after enrolment.

Further information about fees is published on http://sydney.edu.au/start/costs_scholarships/hecs_commonwealth_supported_places.shtml


Timetables for the Master of Teaching course can be downloaded from the faculty's timetables page. To ensure they are allocated to tutorial groups, all students must also download a personal timetable from the MyUni self-administration website during Orientation week.

Semester dates can be viewed on the University's Timetable website.

Course handbooks

The 2013 handbook entry is part of the 2013 Education and Social Work Undergraduate and Graduate Entry Handbook. It can be viewed on Handbooks Online.

The handbook contains information about enrolments, the course program and calendar, the names and contact details for key academic and administrative staff, lists of units of study, course policies and regulations, and Senate resolutions affecting the degrees.


MTeach candidates are eligible for a number of scholarships offered by the University, the faculty and other bodies. Information about University and faculty scholarships and prizes is available from the Scholarships and prizes section of the faculty website.

Graduation dates

Information about graduations, including graduation dates, is available from the graduations website.

NSW DET Graduate Recruitment Program sessions

Representatives from the NSW Department of Education and Training will visit the University on several occasions to discuss employment opportunities in the department.

During these sessions, DET Graduate Recruitment Program (GRP) personnel will answer questions and distribute information about how to apply for employment under the program.

Further information about the DET GRP and a form to register for an interview are available on the DET website.

NSW Teachers Federation professional development days

Under the terms of the internship agreement between the University, employers and the unions, attendance at the applicable NSW Teachers Federation day is compulsory for all MTeach students in programs for primary or secondary teaching. Only students in the Early Childhood program are excused from attending. Sessions are dedicated to employment issues including:

  • applications for employment rights

  • entitlements and salary levels

  • permanent and casual teaching

  • the NSW Institute of Teachers requirements.

Accreditation by the NSW Institute of Teachers

Under the Institute of Teachers Act 2004 all graduates (so-called 'new scheme teachers') must be accredited against the standards for Professional Competence following their employment in schools.

The NSW Institute of Teachers' Teacher Accreditation Manual includes the relevant policies for accreditation, and is available in electronic format from the institute's website.