Master of Education

Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

The faculty offers generalist and specialist postgraduate qualifications for students whose first degree is in education. Each program comprises units of study designed to deliver the knowledge considered essential to postgraduate-level understanding of the area, within the constraints of chosen program. Graduate certificates require four units of study; graduate diplomas, six; and master's degrees, eight. In 2011, articulated programs were available to students seeking generalist postgraduate qualifications in education, as well as in specialist areas listed below (and at the left of this page).

Course requirements

Master of Education

To be awarded the Master of Education, students must successfully complete eight units of study. The faculty offers two forms of this degree:

  • Candidates can graduate with a designated degree. Students concentrate their studies in one of the designated Master of Education programs and graduate with a degree that indicates their area of specialisation, for example, Master of Education (Special Education).
  • Candidates can graduate with a general Master of Education degree. This approach is best suited to those students who have a broad range of interests.

Detailed information about the course requirements for each form of the master's degree is published in the "Future students" section of the faculty website.

Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies

To qualify for a graduate diploma, candidates must successfully complete six units of study. A part-time candidate enrolled in two units each semester could complete the requirements in three semesters. It is, however, possible to extend candidature over three years.

The graduate diploma is articulated with the MEd degree. This means candidates who have completed the required six units of study may claim full credit towards their master's, provided they enrol within six years and have not taken out the award.

Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies

The graduate certificate requires candidates to complete four units of study. Articulation with the Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies and Master of Education degree means the four units of any GradCertEdStud will be fully credited towards the diploma or master's programs provided enrolment takes place within six years and the candidate has not taken out the award.