Annual Progress Review interviews

All postgraduate research students enrolled in the faculty's Office of Doctoral Studies are required to have their progress reviewed annually as a condition of candidature, and as required by the University. This is called the Annual Progress Review (APR) interview.

One round of interviews is held every year, between mid September and November.

Structure of an APR interview

The review panel consists of two academic staff. Your supervisor will not be present at the interview.

Before the interview, the panel members will read the student's academic progress notes from previous reviews recorded on the student’s file.

The APR interview may take up to 30 minutes, which includes the candidate giving a 5–10 minute informal account of their research progress and a discussion of any issues that have arisen for the student in the progress of their research.

Interview outcomes

At the end of the interview, the panel will discuss and then evaluate the performance of the candidate and will complete the progress report on the APR form. Evaluation of the progress of students will result in progress being reported as satisfactory, marginal or unsatisfactory.

If progress is marginal or unsatisfactory, the panel will report to the Director, Office of Doctoral Studies, who will provide a recommended course of action to the Manager, Office of Doctoral Studies. Additional progress reviews may also be scheduled, and explicit goals provided to assist the student to attain a satisfactory evaluation.

After the review, the students will be given an opportunity to read the comments from the review panel and the Director of Doctoral Studies. The comments from the review panel will be recorded and APR forms will be kept in the students' file.