Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Education or Social Work

Course requirements

Master of Philosophy students are required to complete a probationary year and to produce an extended research proposal in the early part of their candidature. At the end of the first 12 months of full time study (or the part time equivalent) candidates must present an extended research proposal for approval by their thesis committee. This research proposal should extend the research proposal the candidate presented on application and include a critical review of relevant literature and an outline of the student's proposed methodology. The research proposal should be 10,000–12,000 words. Candidature will be confirmed once the coursework has been satisfactorily completed and the extended research proposal approved by the student's thesis committee.

Units of study

Students in this degree are required to enrol in the core unit of study plus at least one research unit chosen from the elective list below.

Core units of study

Elective units of study

Course convenor

Dr Ruth Phillips