Social Work, entering Year 4 in 2014

Semester One

Students must complete both the following:

Semester Two

Students must complete all the following:

Continuing honours students

Continuing Honours students must enrol in all SCWK4XXX units specified above. No further action is needed. Upon successful completion of SCWK3009 Social Work Preliminary Honours and SCWK3010 Field Education 1 Honours, all continuing Honours students will be withdrawn from SCWK4006 Field Education 2B in Semester 2, 2014 and enrolled into:

SCWK4007 Field Education 2B Honours (3 cpts) (Session 2) and
SCWK4008 Social Work Research Dissertation (6 cpts) (Session 2)

How to re-enrol online

  1. Login to MyUni

  2. Click on the Admin icon under Applications

  3. Select Continuing enrolment 2014

  4. Follow the instructions

Further help

If you have any questions or problems regarding re-enrolment, please contact your course administrator.