Education (Sec: HSS), BA – course structure

The links below provide unit-of-study information arranged by year, including links to printable unit of study outlines. Students who have questions about their own degree programs should, in the first instance, direct these to the administrator by email or telephone, or in person at the faculty's Student Administration Office, Level 3 of the Education Building. Full descriptions of units of study can be found in the Faculty handbook entry for BEd (Sec:HSS), BA.

Course structure information is available at the faculty enrolment website links below:

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Information about teaching areas for commencing students

Students are required to have two teaching areas. Their Major Teaching Area, sometimes referred to as their "1st Teaching Area", must relate directly to the their Arts major. Teaching Areas currently offered by the faculty are shown on the list below, along with the corresponding Arts major.

Teaching Areas available as 'Major' or 'Minor'
Related Arts Major
Teaching areas available as 'Minor' only
Related Arts Major
Aboriginal Studies Indigenous Australian Studies Geography Geography
Ancient History* Ancient History TESOL Linguistics
Arabic Arabic Language, Literature and Culture English and Foreign Languages
Chinese Chinese Studies Commerce/Business
Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management
Commerce/Economics Political Economy Political Economy
English English
French French Studies
German Germanic Studies
Hebrew (Classical) Hebrew (Classical)
Hebrew (Modern) Hebrew (Modern)
Modern History* History
Indonesian Indonesian Studies
Italian Italian Studies
Japanese Japanese
Korean Korean Studies
Latin Latin
Modern Greek Modern Greek Studies
Drama Drama
Spanish Spanish and Latin American Studies

* Students selecting Ancient History as a Major Teaching Area cannot do Modern History as a Minor Teaching Area, and vice versa.

In Year 5, students who have completed at least four units of English, Linguistics or a language eligible to select TESOL as a third Teaching Area.