Education (Sec: Sc), BSc – course structure

The links below provide unit-of-study information arranged by year, including links to printable unit of study outlines. Students who have questions about their own degree programs should, in the first instance, direct these to the administrator by email or telephone, or in person at the faculty's Student Administration Office, Level 3 of the Education Building. Full descriptions of units of study can be found in the Faculty handbook entry for BEd (Sec:BSc), BSc.

Course structure information is available at the faculty enrolment website links below:

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Teaching area information for commencing students

Students are required to have two teaching areas. The Major Teaching Area, sometimes referred to as the "1st Teaching Area", must relate directly to the student's Science major. Teaching Areas currently offered by the faculty are shown below.

Students may choose both their Teaching Areas from the list on the left, or their Major Teaching Area from that list and their Minor Teaching Area from the list on the right. As well, all Year 1 students must complete a minimum of 12 credit points of junior units of study in chemistry or physics.

Recommended reading: Guide to choosing junior units of study for Science majors.

Teaching Areas available as
'Major' or 'Minor'
Teaching Areas available as
'Minor' only



Earth & Environmental Science
(Geology and Geophysics)