Education (Primary) – course notices

BEd (Primary) 'Information for Students' booklet

All students currently enrolled in the BEd(Primary) are advised to download and become familiar with the BEd (Primary) – Important Information for Students document, which contains information about student responsibilities as well as guidelines for writing assignments and lesson plans.

Obsolete units of study – special cases

BEd (Primary) students who failed or deferred units of study offered in the "old" course may discover these units are no longer offered. If you are a student taking an obsolete unit of study, take the following administrative steps:

  • before enrolling, obtain special permission to officially enrol in the unit and check with the faculty office on level three to ensure this has occurred

  • after you have received your timetable, make an appointment with Dr Christine Preston to locate the time/day/location of the unit substitute

  • within the first week of classes, alert the tutorial leader that you will not appear on their official roster and briefly explain your situation

  • just before the end of the semester, remind your tutorial leader that your name will not appear on the list for submitting marks and that she/he will have to manually add your name and result to the roster.

Students who have questions or concerns about this process are invited to telephone or email the program director Dr Christine Preston with their queries.