A reflective case study on student perceptions of course quality and value

Doctoral Studies Completed Theses – 2014 Archive

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Helene de-Burgh Woodman

MEd (Research) thesis, conferred 2014

This thesis focuses on student perceptions of course value. Using a case study as the basis for a critically reflective interrogation, this research focuses on the issue of how key course elements such as design, assessment practices and differentiation of content impact on student experience thus enabling students to make a determination on the overall value of the course. The initial research question to be answered in this study is how can shifts in course design affect student perceptions of value?

The method for this study is framed as a critical reflective case study. It draws from an autobiographical teaching experience. The method used to interrogate this experience is an adaption of Brookfield’s multiple source method, which enables the examination of the case study from multiple perspectives. The objective of the case study is to draw out the implications for understandings of student perceptions of value.

Supervisor: Professor Keith Trigwell