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Conferred in 2011

Name Degree conferred Thesis title Supervisor Keywords

Amazan, Rose


Mobilising the Ethiopian knowledge diaspora: how can the Ethiopian knowledge diaspora be mobilised into participating effectively in the tertiary educational process in Ethiopia?

Professor Anthony Welch

– evaluation of higher education in Ethiopia

Broadbent, Jennifer


Spirituality of young people with cancer: an exploratory study.

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Associate Professor Lindsey Napier

– attitudes of cancer patients
– psychological aspects of cancer patients
– psychology of spirituality
– cancer in children
– cancer in adolescence

Broughton, Maxine


Exploring Australian boys' attitudes towards reading in the middle years.

Associate Professor Jackie Manuel

– secondary reading in Australia
– secondary education in Australia
– reading interests in Australia

Campbell, Lynelle


Developing number sense in kindergarten children identified at risk of developing mathematical difficulties through the use of a tier 3 intervention.

Associate Professor David Evans

– mathematics, maths
– learning disabilities
– study and teaching in primary mathematics

Chen, Andrew


Beliefs about science in the popular press of Australia and Taiwan: implications for scientific literacy.

Associate Professor Michael King

– science in mass media in Australia
– science in mass media in Taiwan
– communication in science
– study and teaching of science

Chew, Rúen


Exploring the links between drama education and values education through a NSW year 9 drama class.

Dr Ilektra Spandagou

– study and teaching of drama in secondary schools in
   New South Wales
– study and teaching of values in secondary schools in
   New South Wales

Chisuwa, Naomi


Body image among male and female adolescents in Japan: a study with implications for high school education policy.

Associate Professor Jennifer O'Dea

– body image in adolescence
– body image in Japan

Edwards, Ruth


Organisational culture in Australian Anglican secondary schools: an empirical analysis of staff experience of religion and school culture.

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Dr Kevin Laws

– corporate culture in secondary Anglican schools
   in Australia
– administration in secondary Anglican schools
   in Australia
– school management and organisation

Erum, Tazeen


Teaching women commerce: a case study of higher education at the Institute of Business Management, in Karachi, Pakistan, 1995-2010.

Associate Professor Tim Allender

– higher education for women in Pakistan
– social conditions in Pakistan

Evans,  John


Elite rugby union coaches' interpretation and use of Game Sense in Australia and New Zealand: an examination of coaches' habitus, learning and development.

Professor Richard Light

– coaching athletics in Australia
– coaching athletics in New Zealand
– psychological aspects of coaching athletics
– study and teaching of sports
– study and teaching of physical education and training

Harris, Jo-anne


Improving participation in higher education for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds: changing beliefs about university.

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Professor Judyth Sachs

– social aspects of higher education in Australia
– higher education in finance in Australia

Innes, Jane


Civics and citizenship education in NSW secondary schools: case studies of the impact of authoritative expert content and multimedia technology in the classroom.

Professor Murray Print

– study and teaching of Australian civics in secondary
   schools in New South Wales
– study and teaching in citizenship in secondary
   schools in Australia

Jefferson, Miranda


Film learning as aesthetic experience: dwelling in the house of possibility.

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Associate Professor Michael Anderson

– study and teaching of drama in secondary schools in
   New South Wales
– study and teaching of motion pictures in New South

Jin, Jing


An exploration of innovative academic practices in private tertiary colleges in Dongnan Province, China.

Dr George Odhiambo

– educational innovations in China
– school improvement programs in China

Li, Haibin


Exploring the process: an enquiry into the development of resilience.

Professor Derrick Armstrong

– resilience (personality trait)
– resilience (personality trait) in adolescence

Mann, Susanna


Designing for mobile learning beyond online: using mobile devices as mediating tools for informal learning in a technology museum.

Professor Peter Reimann

– mobile communication systems in education
– effect of technological innovations on education
– designing instructional systems

McPherson, David


Narratives of transformation: charting the pathways of belief.

Professor Robyn Ewing

– attitudes to teaching
– training of teachers
– teacher training

Muhanna, Mahmoud


Investigating differences in attitudes, beliefs and knowledge of inclusion of students with autism between special and general primary teachers in Jordan.

Associate Professor David Evans

– education of children with disabilities in Jordan
– special education in Jordan
– Inclusive education in Jordan

Nolan, Ryan


An investigation in combining university studies with elite level swimming.

Associate Professor Donna O'Connor

– education of college athletes
– education in athletes

Patcharanuchat, Piyachat


Thai families' perceptions and practices in relation to sugar-sweetened food and drink consumption and the reduced sugar consumption program: a case study of Khon Kaen Province, Thailand

Associate Professor Jennifer O'Dea

– health aspects associate with sugar
– sugars in human nutrition
– sugar content in food
– diet in Thailand

Ratnesar, Nimal


A critique of educational and social research.

Dr Jim Mackenzie

– research in the social sciences
– research in education
– discourse analysis

Robertson, Matra


A phenomonological exploration of hope, hopelessness and a desire for death.

Associate Professor Lindsey Napier

– psychological aspects associated with death
– psychological aspects associated with hope
– evaluation of palliative treatment in Australia
– evaluation of terminal care in Australia

Rose, Heath


Kanji learning of Japanese language learners on a year-long study exchange program at a Japanese university: an investigation of strategy use, motivation control and self-regulation.

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

– study and teaching of Japanese language
– study and teaching of language and languages in
– second language acquisition in Japan

Spaldonova, Petra


The impact of computer-assisted instruction on the attention of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Associate Professor David Evans

– education of autistic children
– computer-assisted instruction
– autism spectrum disorders

Steep, Ian


Racially-based sexual attraction as fetish: an examination of gay Caucasian Australian men exclusively or predominantly attracted to men of Asian ancestry.

Associate Professor Gerard Sullivan

– male homosexuality in Australia
– fetishism (sexual behaviour)
– interracial dating
– minority gays in Australia

A hard copy of the above theses can be viewed in the Rare Books and Special Collections Library, Fisher Library.

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