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Conferred in 2013

Name Degree conferred Thesis title Supervisor Keywords

Aditomo, Anindito


Preservice primary teachers' science epistemology: coherence and consistency of beliefs across contexts.

Professor Peter Reimann

– study and teaching science in primary
– methodology of study and teaching science in primary
– evaluation of training student teachers
– personal epistemology
– beliefs on knowledge and learning

Brady, Linzy


Shakespearean dialogism: professional learning experiences of English educators involved in inter-disciplinary teaching and research collaborations.

Associate Professor Liam Semler

– Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
– study and teaching secondary drama
– study and teaching secondary English
– study and teaching performing arts

Brunker, Nicole


Conceptualising children's social and emotional wellbeing: portraits of lived meanings in primary schooling.

Professor Robyn Ewing

– primary education
– well-being
– social conditions of school children
– arts in education
– patchwork
– arts informed inquiry

Burke, Geoffrey


An ethnographic exploration of factors influencing learning and social outcomes for students with learning difficulties participating in a secondary school peer tutor reading support program.

Associate Professor David Evans

– education in Australia
– research into literacy in Australia
– study and teaching learning disabilities in secondary education
– ethnology
– adolescent literacy
– peer tutoring
– socially supportive learning
– social constructivism
– educational ethnography

Campbell, Victoria


The Selkie Project: teachers storying, storying teachers.

Dr Robyn Gibson

– psychological aspects of teaching
– psychology of identity
– teachers' job stress
– interaction analysis in education
– communication in education
– oral storytelling

Carter, Donald


The influence of Romanticism on the NSW Stage 6 English syllabus: interwoven storylines and the search for a unifying narrative.

Associate Professor Jacqueline Manuel

– study and teaching of English language in secondary education in New South Wales
– evaluation of outlines, syllabi, etc., of English language
– theory of history and criticism of English literature

Clarke, Joanne


Constructing understandings of loss: parents' perspectives following the death of their baby.

Dr Zita Weber

– psychology of loss
– psychological aspects of perinatal death
– psychological aspects of the death of children
– psychological aspects of bereavement
– notions of self and identity
– narrative research

Dalby, Heather


Social work with adolescent families: inviting warmth back into the parent/teen relationship.


Dr Margot Rawsthorne

– adolescence
– parent and teenager
– teenagers and family relationships
– young adults and family relationships
– family conflict

Davy, Deanna


Transnational advocacy networks in campaigning: the campaign against child sex trafficking in the Mekong Subregion.

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Dr Ruth Phillips

– child prostitution in Southeast Asia
– prevention of child prostitution
– human trafficking in Southeast Asia
– prevention of human trafficking
– crimes against children
– prevention of crimes against children

Fryer, Luke


Motivated study/learning strategies: cross-sectional and longitudinal investigations.

Associate Professor Richard Walker

– motivation in education
– psychology of self-actualisation
– psychology of learning
– school environment

Fuller, Daile


A space from which to speak: exploring the experience of non-formal education for Sierra Leonean refugee women in Sydney.

Dr Ruth Phillips

– Sierra Leone women refugees
– women refugees in Sydney, NSW
– social conditions of women refugees
– empowerment
– refugee settlement
– adult literacy
– postcolonial feminist theory
– life histories

Gilroy, John


The participation of aboriginal people with a disability in disability services in New South Wales, Australia.

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Honorary Professor Trevor Parmenter, AM

– services for people with disabilities in New South Wales
– research into health and hygiene of indigenous peoples in Australia
– social conditions of indigenous peoples in Australia

Goldstein, Mercurius


Teach me to teach English in English: navigating "top-down" implementation of target language as the medium of instruction for Korean-speaking teachers of English language.

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

– study and teaching of English language to Korean speakers
– training of English teachers
– cross-cultural studies of literature

Hao, Jie


Employability of Australian-educated Chinese postgraduates in China: a case study of the University of Sydney.

Professor Anthony Welch

– social conditions of returned students in China
– employment of returned students in China
– higher education for Chinese students in Australia
– international higher education
– globalisation

Haque, Md Mozammel


Men, masculinities and social change: exploring Khmer masculinities and their implications for domestic violence.

Professor Raweyn Connell

– family violence in Cambodia
– masculinity in Cambodia
– social aspects of masculinity in Cambodia
– violence against women in Cambodia

Ho, Pauline


Beating the odds: interacting perspectives of knowledge and power of educationally disadvantaged students in Singapore.

Professor Peter Freebody

– education in Singapore
– academic achievement in Singapore
– educational equalisation in Singapore
– success in Singapore
– educationally disadvantaged students
– interactions between gender
– socio-economic and cultural differences
– education policy

Jan, Chien Yi


The Chinese reading competence of Taiwanese children: a comparative study of bilingual and regular Chinese programs.

Honorary Senior Lecturer Lindy Woodrow

– study and teaching of Chinese language in primary education in Taiwan
– reading Chinese language in primary education in Taiwan
– study and teaching of English language in primary education in Taiwan
– reading English language in primary education in Taiwan
– study and teaching of bilingual method of language and languages in primary
– early childhood education

Kennedy-Clark, Shannon


Collaborative game-based inquiry learning in science education: an investigation in to the design of materials and teacher education programs.

Professor Peter Reimann

– design and construction of educational games
– design and construction of stimulation games in education
– computer-assisted instruction
– training of science teachers
– educational technology
– new media

Kerr, Thomas


Speech technologies in language education: findings from a study of the use of Wimba Voice Board in teaching Spanish pronunciation.

Professor Peter Reimann

– computer-assisted instruction of language and languages
– computer-assisted instruction of the Spanish language
– study and teaching of the Spanish language

Knight, Michele


Ways of being: the alchemy of bereavement and communiqué.

Dr Margot Rawsthorne

– bereavement
– psychology of loss
– psychology of self-actualisation
– existential phenomenology
– transpersonal psychology
– grief and engagement with the living dead

Koo, Yeo Woon


Bilingualism, identity, and teaching philosophy: the inside story of six bilingual language teachers.

Dr David Hirsh

– bilingual education in New South Wales
– study and teaching of language and languages in New South Wales
– community and school in NSW
– study and teaching of English language bilingual method

Lebreton, Marlène


PhD (cotutelle)

Additional language teaching within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme: perceptions of the school community members of the purposes, the role and teaching strategies : a comparative study of two International Baccalaureate schools in France (Paris) and in Australia (Sydney).

Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall

– International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme
– second language acquisition
– primary education in France
– primary education in Australia
– methodology of teaching

Lee, So Young


Impact of migration on family functioning: a study of settlement experiences of Korean migrant families in Australia.

Dr Ruth Phillips

– immigrants in Australia
– social conditions of immigrants in Australia
– Koreans in Australia
– emigration and immigration from Korea
– counselling

Lin, Kai


Breaking barriers to formative assessment in a Chinese tertiary EFL writing classroom: a qualitative investigation.

Dr Aek Phakiti

– study and teaching of English language in higher education in China
– study and teaching of writing English language in higher education in China
– examinations, questions, etc., of writing English language
– summative assessment

Madrid, Sebastián


The formation of ruling class men: private schooling, class and gender relations in contemporary Chile.

Professor Raweyn Connell

– gender mainstreaming in Chile
– social change in Chile
– social conditions in Chile from 1970-

Mai, Lea


"I'm doing lovely, important work": a child-informed, multiple-case study of the aesthetic experiences of three-and-four year-old children with a participatory exhibition in an art museum.

Dr Robyn Gibson

– philosophy of art
– art appreciation
– art museums
– child development
– early childhood education

Moore, Maxine


Exploring teachers' perceptions of the efficacy of professional development experiences through narrative.

Professor Robyn Ewing

– training of teachers
– study and teaching of curriculum planning in New South Wales
– professional ethics in teachers
– in-service training of teachers
– teacher professional development
– teacher identity standards
– organisational culture
– transformative education

Ng, Elaine


Formulation processes and metacognition of monolingual, bilingual and biliterate writers: from thinking to writing in English and Chinese.

Dr Marie Stevenson

– language acquisition
– language and languages
– bilingualism and literature
– comparative and general grammar in sentences
– comparative and general grammar in syntax

Oguro, Susan


Scaffolded teacher talk: maximising target language use in foreign language classrooms.

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

– study and teaching of language and languages
– psychology of learning
– curriculum planning
– lesson planning
– communication in education
– teachers of Japanese and German

Parahakaran, Suma


Human values-based water, sanitation and hygiene education: a study of teachers' beliefs and perceptions in some Southeast Asian countries.

Associate Professor Armstrong Osborne

– education in Southeast Asia
– health education in Southeast Asia
– teacher training in health education in Southeast Asia
– social sciences, civics

Preston, Christine


Science diagrams: their effects on primary students' conceptual understanding.

Associate Professor Michael King

– study and teaching science in primary education
– training of science teachers
– teaching aids and devices
– psychology of learning
– electric circuit diagrams

Rawlings, Victoria


Gender regulation and social realities in contemporary high schools.

Dr Kate Russell

– attitudes of high school students in New South Wales
– conduct of life of high school students in New South Wales
– psychological aspects of life change events in NSW
– interpersonal relations
– gender identity
– policy implementation
– teacher experience

Scott, John


Professional learning in faith-based schools: a comparative study of schools of the Peoples of the Book

Dr Ann Cheryl Armstrong

– church schools in Australia
– private schools in Australia
– church and education in Australia
– educational history

Scott, Karen


Change in university teachers' elearning beliefs and practices.

Professor Peter Goodyear

– internet in higher learning in Australia
– computer-assisted instruction in higher education
– effect of technological innovations on higher education
– case studies in web-based instruction
– eLearning

Skinner, Lynda


Cotherapy within Violence, Abuse and Neglect Services for adults and children.

Associate Professor Fran Waugh

– NSW Health
– child welfare in New South Wales
– sexually abused children in NSW
– rehabilitation of sexually abused children in New South Wales
– counselling
– welfare and community services

Sloane, Timothy


The impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on the motivation and engagement of students in a stage 5 science class.

Dr Jennifer Way

– curricula education in NSW
– study and teaching of science in secondary education
– computer-assisted instruction in science education in NSW
– effect of technological innovations on education
– educational technology
– effective usage of ICT in secondary science education

Smyth, Catherine


Magna Carta was a wonderful woman: the sources and nature of primary teachers' historical thinking and understanding, and how this shapes their practice.

Dr Tony Loughland

– study and teaching of history in primary education
– training of history teachers
– effective teaching
– lesson planning

Thanosawan, Prapassara


Global citizenship in Thai higher education: case studies of a university and its affiliated international college.

Click on the appropriate link below to view the:

Dr Kevin Laws

– higher education in Thailand
– case studies in educational change in Thailand
– case studies in international education in Thailand
– education and globalisation
– world citizenship
– international and comparative education

Thomson, Kate


The nature of academics' informal conversation about teaching.

Click on the appropriate link below to view the:

Professor Keith Trigwell

– university teaching in Australia
– informal conversations about teaching in higher education
– grounded theory
– continuing professional development for academics
– scholarship of teaching and learning
– learning about teaching in research-intensive departments

Vibulpatanavong, Kanoporn


The development of phonological awareness and the relationship between phonological awareness and Thai language reading ability in lower primary school students in Thailand.

Associate Professor David Evans

– study and teaching Thai language in primary education
– study and teaching reading Thai language in primary education
– phonetics in Thai language
– word formation in Thai language

Ward, Mary-Helen


Living in liminal space: the PhD as accidental pedagogy.

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Professor Peter Goodyear

– study and teaching education in Australia
– curriculum evaluation in Australian
– higher education Australia PhD pedagogy curriculum

Zhao, Han


Languages, cultures and hidden discourses - a critical discourse analysis of the English translation of a Chinese novel Wolf totem.

Associate Professor Huizhong Shen

– Chinese fiction, translations into English
– critical discourse analysis
– cross-cultural studies of literature

A hard copy of the above theses can be viewed in the Rare Books and Special Collections Library, Fisher Library.

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