University teachers' experience of teaching in blended learning environments

Doctoral Studies Completed Theses - 2009 Archive

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Carlos Gonzalez

PhD thesis, awarded 2009

This research is about university teachers' experiences of teaching in blended learning environments. In recent years, this type of environment has become increasingly common. Universities have realised the value of incorporating eLearning to make teaching more professional and offer higher-quality learning experiences. At the same time, pressures from students (who use online resources for many of their everyday activities) and employers (who want future professionals to be skilled information technology users) have also promoted the uptake of eLearning.

The present research took a relational approach to investigate: the ways in which university teachers think eLearning can enhance their teaching; how they approach teaching when eLearning is involved; and how their perception of the teaching situation affects the use of eLearning. Associations between these elements were also explored.

The research had a qualitative and a quantitative stage. In the qualitative stage, 18 university teachers, coming from two research-intensive Australian universities were interviewed. This stage focused on conceptions, approaches and perceptions of the teaching situation; both considering teaching in face-to-face settings and using eLearning.

In the quantitative stage, 86 university teachers answered a web-based survey. Three questionnaires were used to explore associations between approaches and perceptions: the 'approaches to teaching' inventory, the 'perception of the teaching situation' questionnaire, and the 'approaches to teaching using eLearning' questionnaire. The last one was developed from the results of the qualitative stage of this research.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Goodyear