Office of Doctoral Studies

Associate Dean and Director

Leads doctoral activities in the faculty and approves RHD examiners

Professor Gabrielle Meagher (until February 27)

Associate Professor Ruth Phillips
(acting director from March 2)

Associate Director

Approves admissions to RHDs in the faculty as well as requests for deferment of enrolment; allocation of supervisors; changes of supervisors; and scholarships

Associate Professor Ruth Phillips

Research Higher Degree Student Coordinator

Monitors student progress and oversees annual progress interviews; supports RHD students and supervisors in the faculty; approves requests for extensions, leave of absence, study overseas and suspensions

Associate Professor Richard Walker

Acting Professional Doctorates Coordinator

Manages the EdD and DSW programs

Dr Ilektra Spandagou

Thesis Proposal Coordinator

Coordinates thesis-proposal meetings as well as upgrade-to-PhD meetings

Dr Ilektra Spandagou

Thesis Examination Coordinator

Coordinates review of examiners' reports, and signs off intention-to-submit-a-thesis-for-examination notifications

Dr Lina Markauskaite

Research Progress Managers

Manage and chair thesis proposal meetings, chair annual progress interviews, review examiners' reports

Dr Michelle Bonati
Dr Nicole Brunker
Dr Paul Ginns
Dr Alex McCormick
Dr Marie Stevenson


Records and acts on decisions taken by the office's management committee; administers RHD student enrolments and candidatures; processes thesis submission and examination-related documents

Venice Jureidini-Briozzo

Acting Research Student Liaison Officer

Liaises with, advises and refers to appropriate support services, RHD students in the faculty; conducts induction sessions for new RHD students; organises Research Student Forums

Sally Rogers

Student Representative

Deborah Ann Tully