Semester One 2012

Doctoral Studies Research Student Award - 2012 Archive

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Winner: Baili Emily Lilienfeld

Paper title: Lexical tone identification by university students: the role of lexicon, gender and perceptual differences

Baili Emily Lilienfeld is a PhD candidate researching the phenomenon of lexical tone learning by university students as second language learners, from both linguistics and language pedagogy’s perspective. Her study brings the perception and production of tone, as well as learning strategies used by learners together for investigation. Other research interests include technology and language skills (CALL), SLA theories, psycholinguistics, and cross-culture communication.

Baili (Emily) previously worked as an English teacher, Educational Organiser, Chinese teacher, and Research administrative officer. Her work experience and knowledge has helped to build up her interests into pursuing her current study. Her supervisors are Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank and Dr Linda Tsung.