Semester Two 2010

Doctoral Studies Research Student Award - 2010 Archive

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Winner: Ruth Edwards

Paper title: How Grounded Theory works: Applying Grounded Theory to studying school culture.

Ruth Edwards has been a practising teacher for many years and her experience of a great variety of schools in different sectors led to her current research interests. Her doctoral thesis uses a grounded theory approach to generate theory as to the nature of the organisational culture of Anglican schools in Australia, and provides an empirically-based answer to the question, What, if any, common culture do Anglican schools share?.

Ruth has undertaken Bachelor and Master degrees at Sydney University and first met her current supervisor Dr Kevin Laws, while taking units in school management for a Master of Education. After leaving full-time teaching to concentrate on her research, she has worked part-time as an educational consultant, particularly in advising Anglican schools on the tensions and choices embedded in that identity.