About the Research Students Forum

The Research Students Forum is a biannual event through which higher-degree-research students (HDRSs) can showcase their research and receive valuable feedback from academics and peers. It is the single biggest gathering of HDRSs from the school.


The Research Students Forum was originally hosted by the Postgraduate Education and Social Work Student Association but over the years the amount of organisation required became so great that, in 2007, the school formally created the position of Research Student Liaison Officer, whose duties include organising the forum. The school provides funding to support for the forum, which continues to grow in popularity.

Why be a presenter?

As part of their candidature, HDRSs in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work must present at an international conference or Research Students Forum at least once during the course of their studies. The requirement, outlined below, varies according to the degree being undertaken.

  • MEd(Research) – at least one poster presentation

  • MPhil – at least one paper presentation

  • PhD, EdD, DSW – at least two paper presentations.

Presenting at a Research Students Forum is a great opportunity for HDRSs to practice their presentation skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Many students have said this is a great way to prepare for a national or international conference.

Why attend?

Feedback from audience members at RSFs indicated that HDRSs regard the events as great opportunities to meet fellow students, find out about the research on which they are working, compare research approaches and generally network.

Comments from school academics who have acted as chairs for sessions or attended presentations shows an increased appreciation of the breadth of research being undertaken by students.

Research Students Forums 2019

Semester One

Monday 3 June 2019

Semester Two

Monday 4 November 2019

(Please note, this date was changed from 7 November. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.)


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