Semester One 2008

Doctoral Studies Research Students Forum - 2008 Archive

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Thursday, May 22

Fourteen papers were presented. We’d like to thank all who attended the presentations for the lively discussion and valuable feedback they provided, and for making this event so successful. We’d also like to thank the academic members who came show their support for the work of their students, and/or chaired the individual sessions and kept the forum running like clockwork.

Photos from the forum

DSW candidate Amy Huang relaxed and confident presenting Social work support services for sex workers: implications for practice.

Hongxing Cai reporting his findings on Brain gain in Chinese Higher Education.

Suma Parahakaran presenting Human values-based water, sanitation and hygiene education: a study of teachers' beliefs and perceptions in some South East Asian countries.

PhD student Takayuki Shimomura talking about A comparative study of indigenous education, in the context of globalisation: Australian and Japanese perspectives.

Higher-degree-research candidate Stuart Brooking reflecting on Post colonial issues in Theological Education: whose curriculum? .

PhD candidate Christine Preston demonstrating her theory on Factors affecting Primary children's interpretation of science diagrams.

Marléne Lebreton discussing her ideas on how to research Second language teaching within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program: a comparative study.

Martin Raffaele presenting Psychosocial effects experienced by school-age children with childhood onset absence epilepsy (CAE) when their condition is misdiagnosed as ADHD.

Following on with special education issues, Gloria Hill talks about The medicalisation of behaviour in children diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

A section of the audience at the Special and Inclusive Education presentations.

A few of the attendees at the Social Work and Social Policy presentations.

The keynote

The keynote, Why research matters even more in changing times was presented by Professor Peter Freebody.

Photos from the keynote

Here’s what some people said about the keynote…

“I really enjoyed the keynote – it was one of the best I have heard in the past four years of attending these seminars as it had some content and triggered some thinking.”

”I was totally amazed at Peter’s address and the way he made the history of research so up front and personal. He left me with some pertinent questions.”

“I thought the keynote presentation was the best presentation of any kind I have been to for some time. Quite inspirational and it crystallised and contextualised ideas I have been pondering for some time.”


Photos from dinner

The smiling faces during dinner reflected one person’s comment ”Great Dinner!”

Evaluation of the forum

Twenty-nine people completed the online evaluation, yielding the following:

  • 44.8% stated “Just attended” as the reason for attending the Postgraduate Education and Social Work Student Forum. Most expanded their answers to state they attended to show support to the students presenting and to the faculty in general

  • 75.9% had attended previous PESSA forums

  • 72.4% had not presented at a PESSA forum previously

  • 89.6% were satisfied to very satisfied with the organisational aspects of the forum

  • 72.4% were satisfied to very satisfied with the relevance of the keynote to their student experience as a researcher.

We received 24 specific comments in answer to “Please describe the greatest benefits you gained from this forum”. Most comments related to finding out about research conducted by other postgraduate students in the faculty and catching up with fellow students.

A full copy of the results (pdf, 82kB) is available for download.

Special thanks

Particular thanks for the success of this semester's forum are due to:

  • Kate Thompson and Di Dong for helping to get the online registration up and running.

  • our PhD candidates Helen Peng and Neville Ellis for helping out at the registration desk

  • Professor Peter Freebody for preparing and presenting the inspiring and stimulating keynote

  • Lina Markauskaite, Patrick Brownlee and Rose Amazan, PhD candidate, for their constructive and very useful feedback on the evaluation questions and layout

  • the Division of Graduate Studies for funding the fabulous dinner and providing staff and students for this great opportunity to get together and chat informally.


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