Semester One 2009

Doctoral Studies Research Students Forum - 2009 Archive

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Thursday, June 4

More than 90 people attended the forum and, for the first time, a panel discussion was held in which three third-year PhD students – Rose Amazan, Suzanne Egan and Alex McCormick – talked about the highs and lows of data collection.

Fifteen students gave individual oral presentations. They said they were nervous, but we couldn't tell: their talks were all excellent, stimulating and enjoyable.

Photos from the forum

Higher-degree-research students Sarah Bedford and Claire Coleman are ready to meet and greet attendees and presenters at the forum.

Claire Coleman (MEd candidate) joking with John Scott (PhD candidate) for the camera.

Panel presenters and third-year PhD students, from left, Rose Amazan, Suzanne Egan and Alex MCCormick speak about their data-collection experiences.

PhD candidate David Rhodes delivering his address, Queer reading for the classroom.

Doctor of Education candidate Fei Ai gives her presentation, Cultural conversions in literary translation: an analysis of the Chinese translation of 'Memoirs of a Geisha'.

PhD student So Young Lee listening to feedback on her presentation An ethnic identity as an acculturative resource among Korean immigrant families in Australia.

John Montgomery, PhD candidate, presenting Censorship and the drama curriculum. Click here to view John’s power point presentation. (pdf, 592kB)

Naomi Chisuwa presenting her research on body-image concerns amongst Japanese adolescents. Click here to view Naomi’s power point presentation. (pdf, 1.16MG).

Presenters Karen Skilling (left) and Christine Preston loading their power point presentations. They both presented on teaching and learning mathematics and science.

Presenters Ruth Edwards and Vijai Rajagopal are both supervised by Dr Kevin Laws.

Claire Coleman (left) posing in front of her poster Engaging dramatically with Mary-Helen Ward, PhD candidate. Click here to view Claire’s poster.

Lynelle Campbell (left) presenting her poster on developing number sense in kindergarten children here with Suzanne Egan. Click here to view Lynelle’s poster. (pdf, 471kb)

PhD candidate So Young Lee (holding her certificate for presenting at the forum) with friends Mozammel Haque, Su Kyung Kim and supervisor Dr Ruth Phillips (left).

Renata Cinelli (left) and Fernanda Timerman watching Naomi Chisuwa’s presentation. All three students are supervised by Associate Professor Jenny O’Dea.

Other audience members at Naomi Chisuwa’s presentation includes Piyachat Patcharanuchat (centre) who is also supervised by Associate Professor Jenny O’Dea.

The captivated audience at the youth, sport and health research stream presentations includes Martin Raffaele, MPhil candidate (left).

The panel of senior PhD students talking about their data collection experiences attracted a very keen audience of both students and academics.


Dinner was delicious

Those who could stay for dinner enjoyed a healthy and delicious meal prepared by Guy – it was much appreciated and a fitting reward for everyone involved.

And the best part was ...

“... the platform that it gives student researchers to share their research design even at early stages with fellow students and academic members alike. Further, the opportunity to learn from the presentation of others is invaluable if one is a new entrant to the world of education research.”

“... the relaxed and congenial atmosphere as people presented and received feedback and engaged in conversations after the presentations.”

“... the support of supervisors and organisers who made the effort to be there and give feedback and encouragement.”

“... the opportunity it presents to both hear and support the students and develop new networks and ideas.”

“... getting to speak to other students who have similar research and theoretical interests to me.”

“... the chance to meet other students and compare notes.”

“... Brian Paltridge's talk [the keynote address] ... it was interesting to see what goes on in the mind of an editor or a reviewer when s/he looks at an article ... I think the advice about choosing the right journal in which to publish one's paper is really helpful.”

“... being able to meet up and connect with fellow postgrad students who I have had the chance to see during the semester and to find out about what people are doing in their research. I think its really important to keep feeling connected.”

A compiled summary of results is available for download (pdf, 64kB).

Thank you

Thank you to all those who presented, attended and chaired. As past attendees have mentioned time and again, the supportive and encouraging atmosphere is one of the best aspects of these events.


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