Semester One 2010

Doctoral Studies Research Students Forum - 2010 Archive

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Photos from the forum

First arrived and eager to assist, volunteers looking after the registration desk on the day; Sam Stott and Taeko Takayanagi.

Relaxed and looking forward to the presentations, students signing photo permission forms; Remi Wiwatwongwana...

collecting programs and name tags; Archana Jetti...

and catching up with friends; Nino Aditomo and Yahya Qenaey.

Marguerite Biasatti (DSW candidate) presenting "Researching the experience of European postgraduate students in Australia: Understandings and realities."

John Scott (PhD candidate) presenting "Conversations with myself: inner reflections of a researcher."

Jessica Jie Hao (PhD candidate), happy with her successful presentation, "Career development of highly-skilled graduate returnees in China: A case study of graduates from the University of Sydney."

Tess Howes EdD candidate, with Associate Professor Judy Anderson. Tess presented "Planning perspectives: a study of strategic leadership and planning in Australian universities, 2001-2011."

Miriam Stevenson (PhD candidate) with fellow researchers and presenters James, Amrita and Danielle.

Nimal Ratnesar (MPhil candidate) with Dr Rachel Wilson, Associate Supervisor and Dr Jim Mckenzie, supervisor. Nimal's presentation was titled "'Subjectivity' and quantumized-bovine-poo."

TESOL PhD students Feifei Han, Elaine Ng and Abdul Hadi discussing presentations.

Second from the left Dr Ruth Phillips, Associate Director, Office of Doctoral Studies, listening to a presentation.

More of our audiences....

Included in John Scott's audience, Dr Rachel Wilson and Professor Robyn Ewing.

Louisa Smith (PhD candidate) presenting to a packed room. Louisa won this semester's Outstanding Research Student Award with her paper titled "Rupturing the constructions of motherhood: tools of mothers in trades."

Rebecca Kummerfeld (PhD candidate) talking about EDSOC, the Education and Social Work student society.


Honorary Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith

Honorary Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith presented the keynote, Research that counts: Making an impact on practice.

Honorary Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith

The audience were encouraged by Susan's enthusiasm and passion in her research and practice. In response to numerous requests, Susan has very kindly made available the full keynote paper. Click here to download the paper. (pdf, 91KB)



The refreshments were delicious and were enjoyed over inspired conversation.

Thank you

Thank you to all who presented, chaired and attended! This forum is not possible without all our lovely audience members who support, encourage, suggest and enliven the atmosphere of these events.

Thank you to EDSOC for providing funding for wine and beer.

A special thank you to our higher-degree-research candidate volunteers Rebecca Kummerfeld, Anna Mugridge and Neville Ellis for assisting with setting up and tidying up of the drinks.


Please contact Suin Jung for any queries you have regarding the Research Students Forum.