Semester One 2011

Thursday 19 May

Doctoral Studies Research Students Forum - 2011 Archive

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Keynote: Reflections on the research enterprise in universities.

University research has often been seen as an intellectual enquiry-based activity designed to create new knowledge with fresh insights, perhaps leading to new theories as well as practical applications. In recent decades research has become more defined as an institutional and national enterprise increasingly measured and evaluated as a product and even traded in the market place of ideas.

This talk provides a brief journey into the past to understand how research as an activity entered the University and how it has been transformed into an enterprise. Based on a case study of the University of Sydney, it examines such ideals as the ‘disinterested scholar’, communities and networks of research, the role of philanthropy in research grants, state funding of research, and the engagement between research and teaching.

The talk concludes with some suggestions as how research may survive in the twenty-first century university.

Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Sherington, former Dean of the Faculty of Education (1997-2003) and then Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (2003), has been a member of the University of Sydney for over 25 years. Having graduated with Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History from the University of Sydney and then a Master of Arts from the University of New South Wales, he then studied overseas in Canada and England graduating from McMaster University with a Ph D. On return to Australia he was appointed a Lecturer in Education at the University of Wollongong before taking up an appointment at the University of Sydney. After a career as lecturer, senior lecturer and Associate Professor he was appointed to a personal chair in the history of education in 1997 just prior to becoming Dean of the Faculty.Over the past 30 years he has been the author and co-author of 15 books and numerous articles in the history of education. He has been the recipient of a number of competitive research grants. His current interests include the fate of the comprehensive public high school and the history of universities as public institutions.

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Special Workshop: Career planning and development for research students

Not sure where you are going with your research degree? What do you need to do to position yourself for a career in academia? What other options exist outside academia? Come to this session to hear about what you can be doing now to focus your career. Think about how to put a good application together, how to enhance your experience in your online applications. What additional skills and attributes has your PhD equipped you with. We will also look at how researchers can connect and collaborate with the right people in order to develop career prospects. Finally, how to interview confidently both within and outside university. This career development session is designed to start you thinking about your next careers steps.

Julie Doherty, the Postgraduate Career Development Officer, conducted a special 50 minute workshop session for Sydney School of Education and Social Work higher degree research students.

Click here to download the power point presentation from this workshop. (mp3, 168KB)

Poster presentations

Poster by Kai Lin

There were a few poster presentations on the day. Here are two you can view yourself as a pdf download.

=> Poster by Kai Lin, MEd(Res) candidate, titled Breaking barriers to formative assessment: preparing for better tertiary EFL writing. (pdf, 627 KB)

Poster by Ying Shang

<= Poster by Ying Shang, MEd(Res) candidate, titled Facing an uncertain future: a theory-driven impact evaluation of the adult English program in XISU. (pdf, 893 KB)


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