Semester One 2014

Doctoral Studies Research Students Forum – 2014 Archive

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Thursday 12 June

Keynote: Researching Education and Social Work in the Context of Austerity

Professor Donna Baines, Labour Studies and Social Work, McMaster University, Canada

Research in education and social work tends to have a normative base or concern for questions of equity, fairness and social justice. As governments around the world adopt austerity agendas of deficit reduction and cuts to funding for public services such as education, social services and equity projects, researchers in education and social work encounter increasing challenges and tensions. Drawing on international examples, including Australia and Canada where austerity measures have been introduced despite the fact that neither experienced recessions in the post-Global Financial Crisis era, this talk argues that socially-engaged research is needed now more than ever. This talk will also explore some of the ways that austerity may impact our research and suggests ways that the process, content and intent of social justice-directed research can contribute to debates locally and globally challenging austerity.

Donna Baines is Professor of Labour Studies and Social Work at McMaster University in Canada. Her research focuses on austerity and restructuring in the social services, paid and unpaid care work, and anti-oppressive social work theory. She has published recently in journals such as Work, Employment and Society, British Journal of Social Work and Journal of Industrial Relations and in 2011 published the second edition of her book “Doing Anti-Oppressive Practice. Social Justice Social Work” (Fernwood). Donna is currently at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work as a visiting scholar. During her stay, she will focus on writing from international, comparative data including a study she led comparing restructuring in community services in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Canada, and a second study on long term (aged) care in Canada and the US.

Poster presentation

Rayanne Shakra, MEd(Res) student, presented her poster titled "Primary teachers’ understanding of the linguistic and visual modes of scientific informational texts."


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