Semester One 2018

Monday 4 June


Professor Janette Bobis

Research Director, Professor of Mathematics Education

The Researcher’s Guide to the Galaxy … Don’t Panic!

6pm Lecture Theatre 424

In a galaxy far, far, away reigns a highly successful researcher whom everyone admires, reads their research articles, cites their work, is desirous of their numerous research grants and aspires to be ‘just like her’. While not everyone is destined to reach the research stars and search out new theoretical galaxies where no one has gone before, there are things an early career researcher can do to position themselves for a rewarding and ‘successful’ research journey.

Drawing on some of my own experiences as a researcher and research supervisor, I reflect on the journey of a researcher - from PhD to ECR to MCR and beyond. In particular, I focus on publications along the research journey. Addressing questions such as, ‘Why publish?” “Where do I publish?” “What do I publish?” “How often should I publish?” “Should I publish with my supervisor?” and much more.

Janette Bobis is a Professor of Mathematics Education and Research Director in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Her research, teaching and publications focus on teacher professional learning in mathematics education, and primary students’ motivation and engagement in mathematics and the impact of teaching interventions on student learning.


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