Semester Two 2008

Doctoral Studies Research Students Forum - 2008 Archive

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Thursday, October 30

A record number of people – 108, including 28 staff members – registered as participants in the forum. Nineteen papers were presented.

Photos from the forum

Three students (from left), Sabrin Farooqui, Suzanne Egan and Naomi Chisuwa, looked after the registration desk, distributing name tags and programs.

Jenny Broadbent relaxing after her presentation, How does a 'baby boomer' researcher access 'generation Y' and give young people with cancer a voice about their spirituality?.

PhD candidate Alex McCormick getting enthused over her topic, Normative processes, education for all and quality in the education policies of Laos and Cambodia.

PhD candidate Kirsty McGeoch explaining her findings in the field of Digital storytelling – connecting people through language, culture and creativity.

Nola McMullan presenting The effectiveness of teaching morphological spelling strategies to secondary students with literacy support needs.

Susan Oguro explaining the results from her research Teachers' reactions to learners' anxiety about target-language use in foreign-language classrooms.

PhD student Jen Tindale considering feedback from her audience. Her presentation was titled Recontextualising professional knowledge in postgraduate classrooms.

Professor Anthony Welch chairing PhD candidate Linda Hodson's presentation titled Affect, ethics and the poetics of relatedness.

Associate Professor David Evans introducing his student Yoon Suk Hwang's presentation Inside-out: what is going on in the minds of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders?.

Audience members in the maths presentations including Ms Vilma Fyfe (left).

Attendees in the Psychology of Education stream including Associate Professor Angela Brew (right) and Dr Ilektra Spandagou (centre).

Packed audience enjoying the Arts, English and Literacy stream presentations.

Special and Inclusive Education stream audience considering talks by MEd(Research) candidate Nola McMullan and PhD candidate Yoon Suk Hwang.

More of the audience at the Special and Inclusive Education stream presentations.

Professor Michael Jacobson delivering the forum's keynote address "After 'how' comes 'what': implications of restructuration for what we research and how we do so"


Keynote images and abstract

Here’s a couple of comments that were typical of the audience reaction…

"I very much enjoyed the final session: the lecture on research exploding fundamental assumptions about the limits of cognitive frameworks that makes 'how-to-teach' conceptually contentious in a way that methodologies for the classroom overlook."

"I enjoyed the keynote. It was appropriate for the audience and easy to listen to!!"


Dinner at PRS Forum, Semester Two, 2008

Comments from delegates


"It was great knowing the room I was to present in, to check technology out."

"The opportunity to present my work and get feedback both from the chair and from the attendees is extremely beneficial."

"It's a great opportunity to practice speaking in front of (an) audience."

"I really valued the opportunity to present in a non-threatening situation. I learned a great deal about how to present most effectively and that will be invaluable when I present my next presentation."

Audience members

"The presentations were very good and with impressive participation."

"Dinner after is a great way to network."

"Magnificent dinner."

"I appreciated hearing how projects evolved from early conceptualisation; I found the topics interesting in their variety but also for some commonalities with my interests, and I found myself jotting down a couple of pointers."

Thank you

To everyone who participated in the Research Students' Forum – presenters, chairs, volunteers, attendees, and particularly, the many staff members who came along to show their interest and support in the research conducted by our school's higher-degree-research students – thank you all!


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