Semester Two 2009

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Thursday, October 22

Photos from the forum

Volunteers looking after the registration desk on the day. From left, Jen Cope, Chien Yi Jan and Sam Greenland.

Susan Partridge (PhD candidate) presenting her thesis proposal on Primary School teachers' understanding of domestic violence.

Nan Lu (MPhil candidate) presenting Views from adulthood: Chinese left-behind children's perspectives of their relationships with their parents.

Neville Ellis presenting Academics' views of the value of action research in schools.

Roger Bourne (PhD candidate) presenting An ethnomethodology and conversational analysis of talk with an Aboriginal elder.

Rose Cantali's presentation was titled A comparative study of school connectedness between year 10 Arabic Muslim boys from Islamic private Australian schools and those in NSW state high schools.

Shannon Kennedy-Clark (PhD candidate) presenting Failure and success in a multi-user virtual environment (with daughter Isabella).

Claire Coleman displaying her certificate for presenting More than meets the eye. Claire won this semester's Outstanding Research Student Award.

Trina Supit talking about The Portuguese legacy in education in East Timor.

Xuelai Jia presenting Self perception and presentation as a university English teacher.

Su-Ching Huang (PhD candidate) relaxed after having presented Investigation of social interaction in the EFL blended learning classroom.

Thuy Nguyen (PhD candidate), another pleased presenter with her certificate having talked about EFL collaborative learning in a Vietnamese university.

Jane Moore (PhD candidate - left) presenting on the lawns in front of the Education Building to an engrossed audience.

Jane spoke about Reconciliation through music. A study of reconciliation in two schools.

More of Jane Moore's audience.

Supportive audience in room 461 including Dr Rosalie Pockett and Dr Fran Waugh.

Supportive audience in room 461 including Professor Murray Print.

Audience listening to Damaris Wikramanayake's talk on Education and economic globalisation: An investigation of national policy formation in Sri Lanka.

Research students Robin Smith (left) and Jacquei Hicks (right) amicably debriefing after listening to a couple of English and literacy presentations.

Jane Moore singing an Acknowledgment of country.


The keynote The journey continues was presented by two of our alumni; Dr Wendy Foote (left) and Dr Claire Treadgold (right).


Wendy Foote completed her PhD titled Child sexual abuse allegations in the Family Court in this faculty in 2006. She is currently a lecturer in Social Work Practice at the University of New South Wales where she is involved in a project investigating the efficacy of an early intervention program in the inner west of Sydney to address the problems of mothers of infants who have recently moved to Australia and are experiencing isolation.

Claire Treadgold completed her PhD on civics and citizenship education in this faculty in 2005. Claire previously worked on programs for young people including electoral education and financial literacy for young women and for the last four years has been the National Programs and Services Manager for CanTeen, the Australian organisation for young people living with cancer.


Old friends and new acquaintances took the opportunity whilst enjoying the scrumptious refreshments to catch up and network.



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