Semester Two 2012

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Thursday 25 October

Keynote: Research as political practice – what does our research do?

Associate Professor Susan Goodwin

In this session, I want to highlight the way PhD research is often concerned with wanting to do something, as well as wanting to know something, and to take some time to carefully explore what we mean when we ask (or are asked) ‘what does the research do?’ (or what do we hope it will do).

Drawing on Carol Bacchi’s (2012, p142) proposition that “research is an active component in the shaping of different realities and therefore is, at its core, a political practice”, my paper starts from the idea that all research is political. In order to explore this idea, I will draw on examples of my own research – from my PhD through to research commissioned by government – to think through:

  • the variety of ways in which research can be understood as an intervention

  • the range of effects research can have

  • the benefits of acknowledging research as political.


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