Semester Two 2015

Thursday 29 October

Doctoral Studies Research Students Forum – 2015 Archive

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Keynote: Researching things that matter and making our research matter

In this talk, I consider how to research things that matter and also how to make our research matter, both from my positioning as dean of the school and also as a teacher education researcher. First I will share some information about the school in terms of its research profile and briefly outline our plans for the future. Then, from my standpoint as a teacher education researcher, I will share major findings from a large scale longitudinal study I am leading that is investigating the effectiveness of teacher education in Australia – ‘Studying the Effectiveness of Teacher Education’ (SETE). Following current global neoliberal government agendas, the evolving policy landscape for teacher education in Australia foreshadows many challenges and risks to the professionalism of educating teachers. In this context, SETE set out to provide an evidence base designed to respond to the increasing ‘teacher education is failing us’ and ‘teacher education is broken and needs to be fixed’ claims. SETE has been a four-year longitudinal study funded by the Australian Research Council in partnership with two state departments of education and two associated teacher regulatory authorities. It followed 2010 and 2011 teacher education graduates in Queensland and Victoria to investigate their perceptions of the effectiveness of their teacher education programs for their current teaching positions, and their career pathways. In addition, it investigated their principals’ perceptions of the graduate teachers’ effectiveness. It proposes new and innovative approaches to teacher education as well as further research needed to engage policy makers and the public in meeting the challenges of learning teaching.

Professor Diane Mayer is Dean of Education and Social Work. She has previously held leadership positions at Victoria University, Deakin University, the University of California at Berkeley and The University of Queensland. Her research focuses on the policy and practice of teacher education and beginning teaching, examining issues associated with the professionalism of teaching and educating teachers and what that means for policy and practice within a context of economic and cultural globalisation. She is lead CI on an ARC funded project ‘Investigating the effectiveness of teacher education for early career teachers in diverse settings: A longitudinal study’. She has been editor of the Routledge journal, Teaching Education for 15 years and is currently a member of the editorial boards of three international journals. In addition, she has worked extensively with the profession and statutory bodies in Australia and the US.

  • Diane Mayer

    Researching things that matter and making our research matter

    29 October 2015

    In this talk, I consider how to research things that matter and also how to make our research matter.


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