What examiners are looking for workshop

For: School staff and higher-degree-research students Philllip Jones

  Professor Phillip Jones

Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Time: 4–5.30pm
Venue: Education Seminar Room 325, Education Building A35
Facilitator: Professor Phillip Jones
RSVP: Not necessary

Workshop summary

In this practical workshop, Professor Phillip Jones will explore issues facing the examiners of research theses. Based on his analysis of hundreds of examination reports across all disciplines, Professor Jones will provide a user-friendly ‘checklist’ of things to bear in mind at all stages of thesis planning and writing. The workshop will explore the most common pitfalls encountered, as well as practical means of circumventing them well in advance. It also looks at what examiners particularly admire and appreciate in good theses. To come to the workshop, you can be at any stage of your research program. Supervisors are also very welcome to attend and join in.

Phillip Jones is a Professor of Education in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, and for many years was a member of the University Committee that considers examiners' reports for doctoral theses across all disciplines.