Consultancy support with eRESEARCH

Eligibility: School staff and higher-degree-research students

See Intersect Australia (peak eResearch Body for NSW) for a definition of eResearch. Dr Lina Markauskaite is available to help design complex studies and formulate research proposals that involve network technologies and large, complex datasets. This may involve:

  1. Designing eLearning research and eResearch projects

  2. Computer-assisted data gathering:
    (a) Design and management of online surveys
    (b) Design of structured or open-ended asynchronous online text-based interviews
    (c) Online assessment/evaluation

  3. Computer-assisted data management:
    (a) Handling large structured datasets (e.g., integrating, aggregating, transposing)
    (b) Synthesising and preparing for analysis unstructured online data

  4. Computer-supported collaborative learning and analysis of large datasets:
    (a) Analysis of online logs (e.g., social networks)
    (b) Analysis of online transcripts
    (c) SEM and PLSpath modelling

  5. Assistance in other areas of eResearch.

In Semester Two 2011, Lina is available at the following times:


Every Monday



Every Wednesday


Room 249, Education Building A35


Email Lina to ensure an appointment time within the timeslots indicated.