Consultancy support with eRESEARCH

Eligibility: School staff and higher-degree-research students

Dr Lina Markauskaite is available to help design complex studies and formulate research proposals that involve network technologies and large, complex datasets. This may involve:

  1. Designing eLearning research and eResearch projects
  2. Computer-assisted data gathering:
    (a) Design and management of online surveys
    (b) Design of structured or open-ended asynchronous online text-based interviews
    (c) Online assessment/evaluation
  3. Computer-assisted data management:
    (a) Handling large structured datasets (e.g., integrating, aggregating, transposing)
    (b) Synthesising and preparing for analysis unstructured online data
  4. Computer-supported collaborative learning and analysis of large datasets:
    (a) Analysis of online logs (e.g., social networks)
    (b) Analysis of online transcripts
    (c) computer-supported text analysis
  5. Assistance in other areas of eResearch.

See Intersect Australia (peak eResearch Body for NSW) for a definition of eResearch.

Semester 1, 2015

Research students are expected to have completed either Developing a research project or the Thesis proposal writing series, and discussed their thesis proposal in detail with their supervisor before seeking a consultation session with Dr Lina Markauskaite.

Please email Dr Lina Markauskaite with details of your specific problem and a consultation time will be arranged following email correspondence.