Thesis proposal writing workshop series

Eligibility: EdD, DSW and PhD students at the beginning of their research degree

Associate Professor Susan Goodwin

Day: various Tue, March to October (check below for exact dates)
Time: 5–7pm
Venue: various, see timetable below
To register, email:
Note: some students are required to enrol in this workshop series as a condition of enrolment (for example, students enrolled in the EdD); for other students, formal enrolment is optional. The Unit of Study code for formally enrolled students is EDPZ5003.

Workshop synopsis

The objective of the series is to support Research Higher Degree students as they prepare their formal thesis proposals for presentation and approval, through a program of workshops organised around issues in thinking, reading and writing about research design and practice. The aims of the workshops are to:

  • support students to develop their own research proposals by giving them an environment in which they discuss and ‘defend’ their proposed approaches, and receive feedback on their proposals-in-development.

  • develop their understanding of ways of writing about social science research methods, to enable them to be critical consumers of research carried out using approaches they may not personally use, but will encounter in the process of writing their thesis proposal and in the research process more generally.

What happens in workshops?

The workshops explore a range of approaches to writing about research practice and emphasise the common logic of the research process, and the importance of rigorous and systematic approaches to writing about design and analysis in all research traditions. Opportunities to write and receive feedback on research writing are integrated into workshop pedagogy.

What will I get out of coming to workshops?

As a result of conscientiously participating in this series of workshops and careful and wide reading, students should be able to write a coherent, rigorous research proposal to support the conduct of their Higher Degree Research. Students will also gain opportunities to work closely with colleagues in the development of their research proposals.

Workshop timetable 2014

Tue 5-7pm

Venue Topic
18 March A35.408 Introduction to research reading, writing and design
25  March Fisher Library Optimising your use of online library resources
 1 April A35.408 The literature review: what is it and why is it so important?
 8 April A35.408 Significant research questions in educational and social work research (panel)
15 April A35.408 Types of theses and the thesis proposal
 6 May A35.408 Theory, coherence and rigour in research design (panel)
13 May A35.408 Writing workshop: the literature review (pt 1)
20 May A35.408 Writing workshop: the background to your study
27 May A35.408 Writing workshop: the social/educational significance of your study
 3 June A35.408 Writing workshop: the research significance of your study
     Mid-year break
 5 August A35.435  Writing workshop: the literature review (pt 2)
12 August A35.435  Writing workshop: your research question(s)
19 August A35.435  Writing workshop: the research design for your study
26 August A35.435  Writing workshop: explaining selection in qualitative and quantitative research designs
 2 Sept A35.435  Writing workshop: the research instruments of your study
 9 Sept A35.435  Writing workshop: the research procedures of your study
 16 Sept A35.435  Pulling it all together: a plan for a well-justified, well-designed project on an important topic


Students who register for workshops are expected to attend the whole series offered throughout the year.

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