NVivo training: workshops in computer-assisted data analysis

Qualitative researchers conduct projects that require analysis and interpretation of different unstructured and semistructured datasets, such as observations of how people behave and interact in various settings, focus groups, open and semistructured interviews, field notes, documents and other rich qualitative data sets. Rigorous scholarly exploration of such datasets requires not only mastery of the analytical techniques that underpin different approaches of qualitative inquiry, but also mastery of analytical tools that support systematic, systemic and transparent data analysis and interpretation process.

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work provides free training in computer-assisted data analysis using NVivo. The program for researchers who are new to the software is titled "Introduction to computer-assisted data analysis: handling data with NVivo". It comprises three four-hour sessions, , scheduled over three days.

Intermediate and experienced users of NVivo – including students who have completed the introductory program – are invited to register for "Advanced techniques of computer-assisted data analysis: exploring qualitative data with NVivo", a single four-hour workshop scheduled after the introductory program.

Introduction to computer-assisted data analysis (CAD): handling data with NVivo 2018

  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Time & date

July 24

July 26

July 27

In 2018 we are only able to offer this program twice, and only for staff and students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Participants are expected to attend all three sessions. The last hour of each session is allocated for participants' individual practice and questions
(attendance is optional).

Venue: will be advised upon registrationspacespacespacespaceFacilitator: Dr Josephine Fleming

Registration: The classes are open to higher degree research candidates and staff in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work and other divisions within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. To register for the workshop, complete the online form. Places are limited. Early registration is essential to secure a place. Your place will be confirmed by email in within one week after registration. To cancel your registration, please contact the facilitator as soon as possible by emailing the facilitator; there is usually a waiting list.

Workshop summary

This hands-on workshop aims to provide participants with foundational knowledge to start their own NVivo research project and sufficient competences to learn more advanced techniques of computer-assisted text, video, audio and other data analysis independently. Each session consists of the introduction to general qualitative data handling and analysis principles mixed with participants’ hands on work trying these techniques in NVivo. A list of self-learning resources for follow-up learning of new computer-assisted data handling and analysis techniques will be provided.

The introductory workshop will cover the following core topics:

  • Session 1: Participants will learn to setup a new project, prepare and handle documents in NVivo and annotate texts.
  • Session 2: Participants will be introduced to coding. They will learn key principles of text coding and will be introduced to some multimodal data handling and coding techniques, including images, video and audio.
  • Session 3: Participants will learn a range of coding techniques, including descriptive, topical and analytical coding, inductive and deductive approaches.

Students are expected to attend all three sessions with the group to which they registered.


  • General familiarity with qualitative data analysis techniques
  • Good word processing skills and general ICT skills

Data and software

An exemplary NVivo dataset will be provided for demonstrating and trying new techniques during the workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data for individual work.

NVivo version 11 for Windows is used during the workshop. NVivo can be downloaded from the student IT website. If you have any software-related enquiries, contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000 or ict.support@sydney.edu.au.

Advanced techniques of CAD: exploring qualitative data with NVivo 2018

The advanced workshop will be held towards the end of Semester 2.


Any enquires please contact the Research Student Liaison Officer.