Publications authored by higher-degree-research students in 2008

Doctoral Studies Student Publications - 2008 Archive

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  • Ji, P. (2008). Pragmatics and Pedagogy in College English Teaching. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.

Book chapters

  • Groundwater-Smith, S. & Mockler, N. (2008) Ethics in practitioner research: an issue of quality. In J. Furlong & A. Oancea (Eds.) Assessing Quality in Applied and Practice Based Research in Education – Continuing the Debate. London: Routledge (pp. 79–92). First published in the special edition of Research Papers in Education: Policy and Practice.

  • Hart, D. (2008). Trapped within poverty and violence. In B. Fawcett & F. Waugh (Eds.), Addressing Violence, Abuse and Oppression: Debates and Challenges (pp. 25–37). London, New York: Routledge.

  • Preston, C., & Crawford, G. (2008). Weather and our environment. In K. Skamp (Ed.), Teaching Primary Science Constructively (3rd ed.). Melbourne: Nelson Australia Pty. Ltd.

  • Reimann, P., & Thompson, K. (2008). Ecosystem modelling for environmental education: From stocks and flows to behavior and interactions. In P. Blumschein, J. Stroebel, W. Hung & D. Jonassen (Eds.), Model-Based Approaches to Learning:Using Systems Models and Simulations to Improve Understanding and Problem Solving in Complex Domains (pp. 111-148). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

  • Tindale, J. (2008). Language and learning in the Master of Accounting program at Macquarie University. In M. Hellstén & A. Reid (Eds.), Researching International Pedagogies: Sustainable Practice for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (pp. 147–162). Netherlands: Springer-Verlag.

Journal articles

  • Begum, M & Farooqui, S. (2008). School based assessment: Will it really change the education scenario in Bangladesh? International Education Studies, 1(2), 45–53.

  • Bell, E., Allen, R., Hogan, D., & Martinez, C. (2008). Why risk irrelevance? A translational research model for adolescent risk-taking data. Journal of Youth Studies, 11(4), 461-471.

  • Farooqui, S. (2008) Teachers’ perceptions of textbook and teachers’ guide: A study in secondary education in Bangladesh. Journal of Asia TEFL 5(4), 181–200.

  • Liu, J. (2008) The Generic and Rhetorical Structures of Expositions in English by Chinese Ethnic Minorities: A Perspective from Intracultural Contrastive Rhetoric. Language and Intercultural Education, 8(1), 2–20.

  • Markauskaite, L., Sutherland, L. M., & Howard, S. K. (2008). Knowledge labels and their correlates in an asynchronous text-based computer-supported collaborative learning environment: Who uses and who benefits? Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 3(1), 65-93.

  • Mo, L.-L., & Chung, D.-C. (2008). A content analysis of HIV/AIDS information in social work textbooks in Taiwan. Social Policy & Social Work, 12(2), 41-90

  • Parker, P. D., & Martin, A. J. (2008). Personal capacity building for the human services: What is the relative salience of curriculum and individual differences in predicting self-concept amongst college/university students? Learning and Individual Differences, 18, 486–491.

  • Parker, P. D., Martin, A. J., & Marsh, H. W. (2008). Factors predicting life satisfaction: A process model of personality, multidimensional self-concept, and life satisfaction. Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 18, 15-29.

  • Preston, C. Mowbray, L. (2008). Use of SMART Boards for teaching, learning and assessment in kindergarten science. Teaching Science, 54 (2), 50–53.

  • Shimomura, T. (2008). A comparative study of indigenous education - with a focus on indigenous Australians and Ainu People. The Otemon Journal of Australian Studies, 34(12), 109-125.

  • Welch, A. R., & Zhen, Z. (2008). Higher education and global talent flows: Brain drain, overseas Chinese intellectuals, and diasporic knowledge networks. Higher Education Policy, 21(4), 519–537.

  • Yager, Z., & O'Dea, J. (2008). Prevention programs for body image and eating disorders on University campuses: A review of large, controlled interventions. Health Promotion International, 23(2), 173-189.

  • Yager, Z., & O'Dea, J. A. (2008). Body image, dieting and disordered eating and activity practices among teacher trainees: implications for school-based health education and obesity prevention programs. Health Education Research, DOI: 10.1093/her/cyn1044.

Conference papers

  • Egan, S. (2008). Research for practice in small human service organisations: doing and disseminating smallscale research. In D. Bottrell & G. Meagher (Eds.), Communities and Change: Selected Papers (pp. 303-317). Sydney: Sydney University Press.

  • Gonzalez, C. (2008). Teaching postgraduate distance courses using the web: A study on conceptions and approaches. In P. L. Jeffery (Ed) Proceedings of AARE 2007 International Educational Research Conference, Fremantle (pp. GON07381). Freemantle, (26-29 Nov 2007).

  • Han, F., & Stevenson, M. (2008). Comprehension monitoring in first and foreign language reading. University of Sydney Papers in TESOL, 3, 73-110.

  • Howard, S. (2008). Teacher Change: A preliminary exploration of teachers' risk-taking in the context of ICT integration. In P. L. Jeffery (Ed) Proceedings of AARE 2007 International Educational Research Conference, Fremantle (paper # HOW07187). Freemantle, (26-29 Nov 2007).

  • Li, H. & Bornholt, L. (2008) Common or distinct perspectives by parent and child about children's social skills at home? In P. L. Jeffery (Ed.), AARE 2007 International Education Research Conference: Research Impacts: Proving or Improving? Fremantle: AARE.

  • Mann, S. (2008). The problems of online collaboration for junior high school students: Can the Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) benefit students to learn via online learning? In L. Cameron & J. Dalziel (Ed) Proceedings of 3rd International LAMS & Learning Design Conference 2008: Perspectives on Learning Design (pp. 81-86). Sydney, (5th Dec 2008).

  • Thompson, K. (2008). The value of multiple representations for learning about complex systems. In P. Kirschner, F. Prins, V. Jonker & G. Kanselaar (Ed) Proceedings of Eighth International Conference for the Learning Sciences – ICLS 2008. International Perspectives in the Learning Sciences: Cre8ing a learning world (vol 2 pp. 2:398-406). Utrecht, The Netherlands, (June 24-28, 2008) Kirschner P, Prins F, Jonker V, Kanselaar G.

  • Villalon, J., Reimann, P., Calvo, R., & Kearney, P. (2008). Glosser: Enhanced feedback for student writing tasks. In K. Paloma Diaz, Ignacio Aedo, Eduardo Mora (Ed) Proceedings of The 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. ICALT 2008 (vol 1 pp. 454-458). Santander, Spain, (1-5 July 2008).

  • Wong, M., & Evans, D. (2008). Fractions as a measure. In M. Goos, R. Brown & K. Makar (Ed) Proceedings of 31st Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia. Navigating Currents and Charting Directions (vol 2 pp. 597-603). Adelaide, (28 June-1 July 2008).