Higher-degree research being undertaken by Anh Duong




Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall and Professor Gordon Stanley

Thesis title:

Formative assessment and its use in teacher education: A comparative study of Australia and Vietnam.



Project description

My PhD examines the implementation of formative assessment in teacher education comparing two cases: Australia and Vietnam. The research utilizes theories of motivation and social culture using constructivism paradigm to understand the impact of formative assessment on students’ competencies and achievements. With the aim of learning about the practice of teaching, learning and assessment in teacher education, the research employs a mixed method approach (questionnaire, interviews, observations and focus groups) to answer the overarching question “How is formative assessment conducted in teacher education in Australia and Vietnam”?
The research found that formative assessment is being conducted efficiently and effectively among classes in teacher education. Formative assessment strategies utilized in the research consisted of sharing learning expectations and assessment criteria, collecting learning evidence, providing feedback, self-assessing and peer-assessing. The first three techniques were shown to be practiced equally in both countries. However, self-assessment and peer-assessment techniques were not used as much in Australia as they were in Vietnam. This finding may be attributed to differences in social culture that exist within the two countries. Lecturers in the observation utilized many pedagogical approaches to involve students in developing their learning autonomy and learning competence. As this research argues, it is crucial in formative assessment to provide constructive feedback to students during their learning.

Anh Duong has worked and researched as a quality assurance officer at the Centre for Higher Education Quality Assurance, VNU HN - University of Economics and Business, which enriched her career life with lots of experiences in accreditation, testing and assessment on stakeholders' feedback. Finishing her master’s degree on assessment and evaluation in education at Vietnam National University Hanoi, Anh has a deep passion in researching in the field of teaching and assessment in higher education. Other research interests include formative assessment, competence based assessment, teacher education, students’ motivation, engagement and achievements.


  • Australia Awards Scholarship (2016 – present)
  • Sydney Southeast Asia Centre Grant (2019)

Professional and community role

  • Member of Ocean Comparative and Internal Education Studies (OCIES)
  • Member of Association of Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE)
  • Member of Association for Educational Assessment – Europe (AEA – Europe)
  • Member of Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)


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Conference presentations