Higher-degree research being undertaken by Charmaine Bonus




Professor Fran Waugh and Dr Jennifer Hardy

Thesis title:

The pedagogical value of situated learning environment: delivery of a pre-registration nursing degree within a health precinct



Project description

My thesis research is in exploring the pedagogical value of a new model of program delivery for pre-registration nursing students. For the duration of their degree, a cohort of graduate entry Master of Nursing students were situated within a local health district, their campus a major teaching hospital. Four qualitative data collection methods were used:

  1. photo elicitation (photographs)
  2. photo feedback (analytical, reflective captioning) (collectively, ‘Visual Participatory Methods’ ‘VPM’)
  3. a focus group
  4. follow-up semi-structured interviews (Creswell, 2014; Harper, 2002; Prosser, 2011).

The findings of this research supports the argument for a more integrated, socio-cultural approach to learning and teaching for student nurses within Communities of Practice (Wenger-Trayner, Fentron-O'Creevy, Hutchinson, Kubiak, & Wenger-Trayner, 2015).

Charmaine Bonus is a registered nurse with post-registration experience primarily in critical care. She is still working within the post-anaesthetic recovery unit specialty area in order to maintain clinical currency. Charmaine completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree at Western Sydney University with the assistance of the UWS Smart Start Scholarship. She then went on to complete her postgraduate studies through the University of Technology Sydney, completing a postgraduate diploma of nursing, with a sub-major in recovery and anaesthetics. In early 2012, she graduated with a master's degree in nursing, majoring in clinical education. Since 2013, Charmaine has worked with the Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery in a primarily education focused capacity for the pre-registration courses. In 2016, she commenced a Master of Education (Research) degree with the Faculty of Arts and Social Science on a part time basis. She is currently in the final stages of this degree, and is on track to graduate in early 2019.