Higher-degree research being undertaken by Sene Gide




Dr Marianne Fenech

Thesis title:

An exploration of the relationship between leadership and quality education in Early Childhood Services (ECS)



Project description

My study is about the leadership practices in Early Childhood Services (ECS) rated exceeding in assessment and rating against National Quality Standards, and how these leadership practices contribute to high quality education in these services. Leadership in ECS is a new but very important concept as is quality education in early years. Quality is a subjective concept as it could be described differently in different contexts, and thus so too, might the practice of leadership in the participant centres in this research. Qualitative semi-structured interviews will be used as a research strategy. Three leaders/directors of the three participant ECS with exceeding rating will be interviewed. A minimum of one and a maximum of two teachers/educators from each centre will also be interviewed to add credibility to the data collected from the centre director. I hope the findings of my research will help other leaders of ECS to reflect on their leadership practices. It may also gain the attention of EC course program developers to reinforce the importance of leaders and effective leadership for the provision of quality education in early years which may result in a greater focus on leadership subjects in EC teacher education programs.

Sene Gide came to Australia 23 years ago with no English. While she was raising her two baby girls, she completed some English courses first, and then continued with Cert III in child study, Diploma in Children’s Services, Bachelor of Education and Master of Education in Early Childhood. It took exactly 10 years of her life to learn English and complete the abovementioned degrees and had a baby boy in between. She has been working as the director of an Inner West CC centre for last 12 years and currently undertaking a MEd(Res) with a plan to continue to a PhD. She has presented papers about leadership in ECS at various international and national conferences and has a book chapter written in the ‘Talkin’ Up and Speakin’ Out’ (Edited by: M. Giugni & K. Mundine). She is fully enjoying and using the study opportunities given to her in Australia with full support of her family.

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