Higher-degree research being undertaken by Rosmawati




Dr Aek Phakiti

Thesis title:

Dynamic development of complexity, accuracy, and fluency measures in ESL academic writing.



Project description

My PhD project is a longitudinal study that investigates the development of complexity, accuracy, and fluency (CAF) in second language (L2) academic writing. Underpinned by the recent meta-theory in developmental sciences – the Dynamic Systems Theory (Thelen & Smith, 1993, 1994, 2006), this study aims to build linguistic profiles of L2 academic writing at postgraduate level and to uncover the dynamic development and interactions of CAF constructs in L2 academic writing in order to understand the underlying mechanism that motivates the development.

Rosmawati finished her first postgraduate study in 2010 and graduated with an MA in applied linguistics from South China University of Technology, PRC. She then returned to her home country, Indonesia, to work as a lecturer for about a year and a half before coming to Australia to start her PhD project in 2012. She is very lucky to have a great supervisor, Dr Aek Phakiti, who is one of the best experts in this field and an amazing auxiliary supervisor, Dr Minkang Kim, who is an expert in Dynamic Systems Theory which she is adopting for her project. Both of them have been very supportive and helpful.

Apart from doing her PhD research, she is also doing some tutoring for an undergraduate course (Human development and education). This is an invaluable teaching experience for her which she both enjoys and benefit much from.


  • ALAA Postgraduate Travel Scholarship for AILA World Congress July 2014
  • Research Student Forum Best Paper Award, Highly Commended Category October 2013
  • Sydney University Village Academic Scholarship May 2013
  • Endeavour Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Incoming Postgraduate Award 2012-present

Professional and community roles:

  • Member, TESOL, May 2014 – present
  • Member, Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA), April 2014 – present
  • Member, American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Nov 2013 – present


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Conference presentations

  • Rosmawati. (2015). Profiling second language academic writing: The dynamics of complexity, accuracy and fluency (CAF) development and interactions. American Association for Applied Linguistics 2015 Conference, Toronto, Canada, 21-24 March 2015.
  • Rosmawati. (2014). Dynamic development of second language academic writing: The case of syntactical complexity. 17th AILA World Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 10-15 August 2014.
  • Rosmawati. (2014). Second language academic writing development profiling: The dynamic interaction between complexity and accuracy. Poster presented in the American Association for Applied Linguistics 2014 Conference, Portland, Oregon, 22-25 March 2014.
  • Rosmawati. (2013). A case study in complexity and accuracy development in ESL academic writing: A dynamic perspective. 5th Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan, 23-27 October 2013.