Higher-degree research being undertaken by Jihee Ryu




Associate Professor David Evans and Dr Ilektra Spandagou

Thesis title:

An explanatory study on the relationship between inclusive practice and future career intentions for early career teachers



Project description

Every teacher in NSW is expected to work with a variety of different students, including students with disabilities, learning difficulties or those with challenging behaviour (i.e., students with special educational needs or SEN). In order to ensure students with SEN are educated in the best possible way, a set of principles, referred to as inclusion has been developed. It has been shown that for many teachers, the experience of working in inclusive practice leads to the development of negative attitudes towards inclusive education. The main reasons for this are that teachers struggle to manage the challenging behaviour of students, experience difficulties with meeting the individual needs of students with SEN and a lack of school support. These issues in many cases are similar to the factors that impact on how early career teachers (ECT) make decisions about future career intentions.
This study seeks to gain an understanding of the contributing factors that influence teachers’ intentions to work in inclusive practice and will investigate the contributing factors that influence the future career intentions of ECTs. Factors that will be examined include; attitude towards inclusive practice, the importance of the support offered by the school, and the opinion of other education stakeholders about how early career primary teachers engage with inclusive practice.
Lastly, the extent of the relationship between ECTs’ intention of engaging with inclusive practice and their future career intentions will be measured. It is hoped the findings of this study could be used in the formulation of recommendations on how to best support ECTs so that they have a better experience of inclusive practice and choose to continue in the profession.

Jihee Ryu worked as a tutor in Special and Inclusive Education, in the Faculty of Education and Social Work. She obtained her bachelor degree in special education in South Korea and worked as a special education teacher in South Korea. Her interest in special and inclusive education grew working as a special education teacher. Jihee decided to study more in this field and obtained her Master degree in Educational Studies (Advanced) from the University of Queensland in 2012. Jihee is currently in her fourth year of her doctoral studies in special and inclusive education. She hopes to complete her candidature sometime in the near future.


  • 2015 - NSW Institute for Educational Research (NSWIER) grant

Professional and community roles

  • 2015 - Member of NSW Institute for Educational Research (NSWIER)
  • 2013 - Member of Australian Association of Special Education (AASE)


  • Ryu, J. (2013) The ancient mariner speaks: examining regimes of truth in ADHD, International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 60 (1), 67-68