Higher-degree research being undertaken by Winnie Yijun Zhou




Associate Professor Huizhong Shen and Dr Hongzhi (Veronica) Yang

Thesis title:

Chinese language and culture curriculum for overseas students in China: content, pedagogy and process



Project description

Having been a native-speaking Chinese teacher in China and overseas for over 8 years, I have observed a number of difficulties in teaching and learning Chinese as a second/foreign language, including the “native-speaker approaches”, the “stereotyping contents” determined by the native-speaker teachers/educators and the mismatch between the content, pedagogy, and overseas students’ needs, which might be part of the barriers for Chinese teaching and learning internationally. This research draws on three strands of theories in conceptualization: intercultural competence (IC), critical cultural awareness (CCA), and task-based teaching/learning (TBLT), and is designed as a case study using a range of instruments, including documents, questionnaires, classroom observations, and individual interviews to examine in detail the content, pedagogy, and process of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) in the global context from the perspective of intercultural competence.

This research involves a number of groups of international learners from over 20 countries and their native-speaker teachers in a college in Shenzhen China. It focuses on the beliefs and practices of native-speaking Chinese teachers’ in the context of teaching Chinese as a second language (TCSL) classroom, existing pedagogic approaches, and the role of learners’ culture(s) and their perceptions and interactions in the learning process. Different sets of data will be analyzed and compared by way of triangulation. Data gathered via documents and examination of pedagogical procedures will be cross checked and validated by observations of the actual interactive processes of classroom language teaching and learning.

Winnie Yijun Zhou is in the third year of her PhD. She has an MA in Curriculum and Pedagogy (TCSL) from Beijing Language and Culture University and has over 8 years experience teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language in China and Korea.

Professional and community roles

  • Certified trainer (NAATI) for translation and interpreting since 2016
  • Casual tutor in Chinese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Member of Chinese Music Ensemble, Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM

Conference presentations

  • Zhou, Yijun (2017). Intercultural competence: A case study on native-speaker Chinese teachers’ beliefs and practices in teaching Chinese as a second language. Virtual presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Education. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 20-22 April, 2017.
  • Zhou, Yijun (2017). Intercultural competence in teaching Chinese as a second language: A case study in Shenzhen. Presented at the Global Conference on Education and Research. Sarasota, US. 22-25 May, 2017.