Higher-degree research being undertaken by Nell Greenwood




Associate Professor Robyn Gibson and Dr Victoria Campbell

Thesis title:

“Lighting the Way: pedagogy, creativity and the unconscious



Project description

Nell's research explores the relationship between pedagogy, creativity and the unconscious in the postgraduate screenwriting classroom. Screenwriting is a mode of storytelling that relies on the deployment of a symbolic language to communicate complex ideas about the human predicament. Many prominent screenwriters argue a link between the high level of creativity required for this kind of storytelling and a purposeful engagement with unconscious processes. While screenwriting scholarship is a growing field, there is a lack of research in this area for screenwriting teachers to draw from. Engaged in the research as a participant-researcher, Nell has used the case study of a creative writing for screen workshop to contribute to an understanding of how the relationship between heightened creativity and the engagement of unconscious processes works in the classroom from the point of view of teacher and student. Drawing on observation, journals, interviews and samples of student work, the research renders four students' experiences over an 18 week period as they participate in a structured course of freewriting and free-drawing exercises designed to facilitate students engaging unconscious, primary processes.

Nell Greenwood is completing a PhD in Education. Her passion is student-centred, arts-based pedagogy, creativity and social impact. A teacher, screenwriter and producer with more than 20 years of experience in screen education and international film and television production, Nell is currently Head of Programs at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.