Higher-degree research being undertaken by Seojin An


MEd (Research)


Associate Professor Ruth Phillips

Thesis title:

The Construction of Comfort Women as Social Policy Problem: with the focus on the South Korean government response.



Project description

This research started from Seojin’s observation and awareness of discrepancy in supporting trafficked people in Australia and South Korea as a practitioner. The research project analyses the South Korean response to Korean women who were trafficked for the purpose of sexual slavery to the Japanese Imperial army during the Second World War utilising Bacchi’s analytical tool: ‘What’s the problem represented to be?’ and questions what specific roles the South Korean government has chosen to address the issue of Comfort Women.

Seojin An as a practitioner has worked with women experiencing homelessness, women who are in sex industry, and people who are trafficked with the strong interest in all forms of violence performed against women. Seojin believes social work has played an important role in addressing the issue of violence against women and humanity. Seojin wishes to join in the movement through her work as a practitioner and a researcher. Seojin’s supervisor Ruth’s encouragement is a big support for her to continue to strive for her goal.

Seojin was born and bred in Seoul, Korea and Sydney has become her second home.