Higher-degree research being undertaken by Yvonne Yoke Yin Chan




Honorary Professor Alison Elliot

Thesis title:

I AM, I HAVE, I CAN. A Singaporean study on the wellbeing and the development of resilience in preschool children.



Project description

This thesis explores the wellbeing of children in Singapore and their development of resilience. The study was situated in Singapore and utilised a mixed mode methodology to investigate the extent to which implementation of a wellbeing programme that built resilience impacted on young children’s wellbeing. In Singapore, a meritocratic society, parent expectations for academic achievement often begin early in life and this may result in children being stressed. When children’s stress symptoms are not recognised or managed effectively, long-term effects can be serious and may include behavioural and social problems, mental illness, ill health and lack of fulfilment. Wellbeing is related to the characteristics that prevent illness and to psychological problems and capabilities that enable people to cope effectively with challenges and stress. As research has emphasised the importance of early childhood as a time for promoting and developing resilience, positive, resilience-building experiences in early childhood settings may be important in helping Singaporean children cope with the many life stressors they face on a day-to-day basis.

Yvonne Chan is a full time lecturer from Singapore currently on study leave. Prior to becoming a lecturer, Yvonne worked as a preschool teacher, a principal, and mentored trainee principals, in not for profit early childhood organisations in Singapore. Yvonne is very grateful to her supervisor Professor Alison Elliott for being a supportive mentor and role model to learn from. She has grown academically and professionally under her supervisor’s guidance.
Whilst pursuing her PhD studies at the University of Sydney, Yvonne taught in the masters degree programme and assisted with supervision of Professional Experiences. Yvonne’s interests are in managing educational change, promoting wellbeing and developing resilience in young children.
Yvonne is very close to her elder sister who brought her up when their parents passed away many years ago. She enjoys travelling and trying different foods with her elder sister.

Journal Publications

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Other publications

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Conference presentations