Higher-degree research being undertaken by Nada Labib




Professor Anthony Welch and Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall

Thesis title:

Parental influences on education and career choices of women of Arab descent: a comparative study of Australia and the UAE



Project description

This research investigates parental influences on the tertiary education and preliminary career choices of young women of Arab descent. The study utilises a social constructionist framework, to facilitate the understanding of how Arab women’s career decision-making processes are embedded in their surrounding social contexts. The research is comparative, and is conducted on young women of Arab backgrounds in both UAE and Australia. The aim of this comparison is to investigate how Arab women raised in different contexts are influenced by their parents when making career choices, and the diverse results of this influence.

Nada Labib commenced her career in education as a high school Science teacher in the UAE in 2004. She later migrated to Australia with her family and completed her Masters in Education at Murdoch University in 2013. Currently, along with her research work, she works as a casual teacher at independent schools in Sydney’s west. Nada is very passionate about her research study, and her inspiration for it arose from her teaching experience with high-school girls, both in the UAE and Australia, as she observed first-hand how these young women made their tertiary education choices. Being an Arab herself, she also understands the familial and socio-cultural influences caused by the Arab culture and traditions. Nada is hoping findings from her study would provide useful recommendations for families, educators and career counselors to help Arab women make more informed tertiary educational choices and pursue their career aspirations.


  • Herbert Johnson Award (2016)

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