Higher-degree-research student presentations

Individual posters

Andrew Bennie is a PhD student. In September, 2007, Andrew presented his poster Effective Coaching in Team Sports (pdf, 154kB) at the International Council for Coach Education Global Coach Conference, in Beijing, China.

Sabrin Farooqui is a PhD student. In June 2008, Sabrin presented a poster titled Teacher training and teaching practice: The changing landscape of ELT in Secondary Education in Bangladesh (pdf, 634kB) at the International Conference on Language Teaching & Learning in Taiwan.

Paul Wood is an EdD student. In September 2008, Paul presented a poster titled Exploring how principals construct knowledge in support of students with disruptive behaviour in NSW primary schools (pdf, 120kB) at a Development and Learning in Children and Youth Research Network event.

Individual posters

Dr Edward Eadie is a MEd(Research) student. In October 2008, Ted presented his poster Role of education in improving the protection of animals against suffering inflicted by humans (pdf, 867kB) at our school's Research Students Forum.

Martin Raffaele is a MPhil student. In October 2008, Martin presented a poster titled An exploration of the psychosocial effects that school-age children with Child Absence Epilepsy (CAE) experience when their condition is misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (pdf, 541kB) at a school Research Students Forum.

Lynelle Campbell is a MEd(Research) student. In June 2009, Lynelle presented a poster titled Developing number sense in Kindergarten children identified at risk of developing mathematical difficulties through the use of a Tier 3 intervention
(pdf, 471kB) at our school's Research Students Forum.

Claire Coleman is a MEd(Research) student. Her supervisor is Associate Professor Michael Anderson. In June 2009, Claire presented a poster titled
Engaging dramatically
(pdf, 700kB) at our school's Research Students Forum.

CoCo Research Centre

A3 sized posters created by staff and students involved with the CoCo Research Centre for the Learning Technology Research Symposium on 24 October 2007 (during the Research Festival) are on display in the corridor outside rooms 246–250, Education Building (A35).