2018 postgraduate coursework enrolment

Information for new and continuing students

If you are intending to enrol to study for a postgraduate award offered by Sydney School of Education and Social Work in 2018, you will need to base your unit-of-study selections on careful reading of both the relevant entry for your program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate Handbook and the step-by-step admissions guide.

Things to do before you view these pages are:

  • View the information available at the enrolment support website and prepare any materials you may need for enrolment as instructed by the website

  • Read the course rules/resolutions of the faculty and the University senate

  • Read and understand the course structure and requirements in the handbook.

Students enrolled in master's-level courses, are expected to complete a capstone unit of study in their final semester. The capstone for any master's students intending to undertake a higher degree by research (HDR) will be a dissertation, over one or two semesters. The capstone unit for education students who are not intending to continue to HDR studies is Special Project 1 (EDPZ6730); for social work students, it is Authorised Independent Study and Report (SCWK6908). MPS students may opt to do either EDPZ6730 or SCWK6908. MLS&T (Professional) students can choose either EDPZ6730 or Prof Learning Leadership Portfolio, although departmental permission is required for the latter. Students enrolled in the MILE program may choose to complete either Research Project in Indigenous Languages (KCIL5621) or Learning an Indigenous Language (KCIL5622) as their capstone unit.