Education careers

Within each state and territory in Australia, different systems operate that allow education graduates to find employment. Public schools are the largest employers in each state but there are also strong prospects for employment with independent schools and religious-based organisations, including the Catholic Education Office and Christian Community Schools.

Alternatives to formal teaching opportunities in schools include adult education, continuing education centres, day-care centres (early-childhood education), English-language centres, higher education (university or technical and further education), local government and private training providers.

Within schools, a variety of specialisations are available. The school offers degrees tailored to meet the individual needs of each of the three main sectors where children are the students: early-childhood, primary and secondary education.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is an important discrete career option within the teaching profession. It can lead to employment as diverse as teaching oil-company workers in Saudi Arabia and primary-school children in South Korea. Within Australia, positions are available teaching young adult migrants, overseas students and non-English-speaking students in primary and secondary schools.

As well, a career in education has the potential to provide teaching roles in many settings – from ecotourism and outdoor guiding activities to corporate training in leadership development, teamwork and personal development.

Graduates who have specialised in physical education sometimes work in the tourism and hospitality sectors, in major resorts or hotels that employ activities and recreational officers.