Secondary teaching – mathematics

In NSW and other Australian states mathematics teachers can usually qualify to teach mathematics exclusively or as one of two teaching areas. People who are interested in a career teaching only mathematics would normally be required to complete university studies in all of the following:

  • mathematics

  • education as a social science

  • professional and curriculum studies (teaching methodology).

People wishing to qualify to teach another subject in addition to mathematics also need to complete studies in that teaching area, for example, science, a language, history or geography.

Recommended studies for HSC students

The undergraduate degree-pathway for high-school students who are contemplating a career in teaching mathematics requires five-years' study and results in the award of a double degree, which may be one of three combinations, depending on the units of study completed in the program and whether the student is seeking to teach mathematics exclusively. The combinations are:

  • BEd (Secondary Education: Mathematics) and BSc

  • BEd (Secondary Education: Science) and BSc

  • BEd (Secondary: Humanities and Social Sciences) and BA.

Year 10 students who are hoping to enrol in a university course that would result in a qualification to teach secondary mathematics, and who are about to choose their HSC subjects, would benefit from studying Extension 1 Mathematics, but this is not a prerequisite at the University of Sydney.

Prerequisites for graduate-entry applicants

Graduates with a first degree that includes studies appropriate to teaching mathematics may be eligible for admission to the Master of Teaching. Undergraduate studies that are generally appropriate for entry into the MTeach for mathematics include a Bachelor of Science with a major in mathematics. The detailed prerequisites are available in the graduate-entry section of "Future students".