Graduate-entry programs

The next intake of students for the MTeach and MSW(Q) programs will be March 2019.

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work offers graduate-entry programs for people who already hold a university degree and are seeking to qualify as either a teacher or social worker. Implemented in 1996, the MTeach was the first program of its kind in Australia and remains one of the most successful. The MSW (Qualifying) accepted its first intake of students in 2011.


Applications for the MTeach and MSW (Qualifying) are submitted online directly to the University, not the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). After the application process for 2019 is open, links to the online forms will be provided under the "Applications 2019" submenu to the left of this page.

Applications for commencing studies in graduate-entry programs in March 2019 will OPEN on Friday, August 31, 2018 at 9am. There is no mid-year (Semester Two) intake.

Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

The Master of Social Work (Qualifying) is a graduate-entry degree in social work. Candidates undertake four semesters of study, including 140 days' Field Education and at least one unit of research offered in the postgraduate-level Master of Social Work program.

The program has been designed for people who already have a bachelor’s degree as well as extensive work experience in human services and are seeking a professional qualification to practice as social workers in Australia. Further information about the program, including entry requirements and course structure is published on the "Social Work" link on the left of this page.

Master of Teaching

The Master of Teaching (MTeach) is a graduate-entry teacher education degree accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for the purpose of training teachers for employment in NSW schools. The course may also be recognised in other educational jurisdictions in Australia and abroad. The MTeach has been designed for people who hold a bachelor's degree and are seeking a teaching qualification. Applicants must have an initial degree with a range of undergraduate studies appropriate to their intended teaching area(s).

The MTeach may be undertaken full-time or on a 'reduced-load' basis. The duration for full-time candidates is four semesters (two years), while reduced-load candidates complete the degree over six semesters (three years). Reduced-load candidates are required to be available for classes on weekdays 9am–6pm, depending on their individual timetables. Professional experience components of the degree must be undertaken full-time. Timetables for the MTeach can be viewed on the school's timetable page. The MTeach has three professional experience components totalling 85 days, including a nine-week internship.

Available streams

The Master of Teaching is available in the following streams:

  • Early Childhood – to qualify to teach children (birth to five years) in preschools and childcare centres.
  • Primary – to qualify to teach schoolchildren from K–6.
  • Health and Physical Education – to qualify to teach health and physical education (but no other teaching areas) to schoolchildren from Years 7–12.
  • Secondary – to qualify to teach schoolchildren from Years 7–12.
  • School Counselling – for a career in counselling children in education environments from preschool to Year 12. In this program candidates specialise in one secondary teaching area as well as in school psychology.

Why the MTeach at Sydney University?

Students report a range of reasons for choosing to study the Master of Teaching at the University of Sydney rather than undertake a shorter, diploma course, elsewhere.

Higher quality

Because the MTeach program is designed to prepare high-quality graduates for the demanding teaching profession, it is more academically rigorous than the Diploma of Education.

Better experiences

Our extensive program of experiences at partnership schools (school visits, two practicum blocks and a nine-week internship) provides our students with unrivalled preparation for teaching.

Greater diversity

Our wide range of subject areas allows our MTeach candidates to choose whether to specialise in teaching one curriculum area or qualify for accreditation in two.

Fantastic reputation

The University of Sydney has an international reputation for excellence. Many of our MTeach students are offered full-time employment before completing their degrees. Our graduates' outstanding performance in their profession has contributed to the reputation the program has – in Australia and overseas – for providing leadership and innovation in teacher education.

Leading teaching staff

Because school teaching staff are highly regarded researchers in their fields, students are exposed to cutting-edge methodologies in research and education. The course promotes a teaching-and-learning environment that integrates self-directed inquiry and case-study learning experiences in small-group seminars, augmented by lectures, tutorials and ICT-based learning experiences.