Study Abroad

The Faculty of Education and Social Work's Study Abroad program is designed to suit the needs and interests of international students studying at the University. Each of the four units examines particular aspects of Australian culture with a focus on young people’s learning and development ... but each is presented from a perspective that goes well beyond that which takes place in schools.

Every unit is delivered in ways that – while maintaining academic rigour – appeal to international students from a wide range of majors or faculties other than education. Assessment is also distinctive: based on sound learning theory, each unit is generally structured around field trips that nurture students’ firsthand experiences of Australian cultural and educational practices, including sport, leisure and entertainment activities. (The cost of some field trips may attract additional charges.)

The integration of lectures, readings, field trips and assessment provides for comprehensive understanding of unit content. Through this approach, international students gain valuable insights into Australian society while completing their chosen units.

Study Abroad and exchange students may enrol in all units in the program or – provided they meet the relevant subject prerequisites and English Language requirements – other units of study offered in the Faculty of Education and Social Work or other faculties of the University. The University provides a searchable online Unit of Study database.

Units of study

Australian Theatre, Film and Learning (EDUF3034)(offered both semesters) – examines the nature of theatre and film in Australian cultural and educational settings. A particular focus is placed on theatre and film for and by young people, and the range of learning that takes place through young people’s engagement in, and appreciation of, theatre and film.

Learning in Outdoor Education (EDUH4052)(offered both semesters) – examines the nature and significance of learning that takes place through experiences natural environments in Australia, with a particular focus on how and what children and young people learn in outdoor education.

Sport and Learning in Australian Culture (EDUH4058)(offered both semesters) – provides students with a socially critical perspective from which to appreciate the meaning, practice and place of sport in Australian culture.

Education Study Abroad courses are administered jointly by the Faculty of Education and Social Work, and Sydney University's International Student Office. More information on how to apply...