Electives exclusive to Study Abroad and Exchange students

Over the past decade, the school has listened to the needs of incoming Study Abroad and Exchange students. The result is range of units of study, each of which is specifically designed for international students. All revolve around the same basic structure:

  • a robust academic platform

  • supported by real life experiences

  • about the Australian culture

  • in the Australian environment.

What this means for Study Abroad and Exchange students is that they can now live in and learn about Australia ... and receive academic credit for it.

As well, participating students have access to guided real-life experiences related to the Australian outdoors, Australian sports and Australian arts. Experiences included in the units include visiting the theatre to view Australian performances (Australian Theatre, Film and Learning EDUF3034); having adventures in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains and Royal National Parks (Learning and Outdoor Education EDUH4052); and/or attending a variety of sports to support local teams (Sport and Learning in Australian Culture EDUH4058).

A benefit of this experiential teaching and learning is not only a deeper understanding of the content, but increased and better interaction between the students, often resulting in strong friendships. Each unit is worth six credit points, and all units are offered in both semesters.

Units of study

Australian Theatre, Film and Learning EDUF3034 – examines the nature of theatre and film in Australian cultural and educational settings. A particular focus is placed on theatre and film for and by young people, and the range of learning that takes place through young people’s engagement in, and appreciation of, theatre and film.

Learning and Outdoor Education EDUH4052 – examines the nature and significance of learning that takes place through experiences natural environments in Australia, with a particular focus on how and what children and young people learn in outdoor education.

Sport and Learning in Australian Culture EDUH4058 – provides students with a socially critical perspective from which to appreciate the meaning, practice and place of sport in Australian culture.