Master of Education (Research)

The Master of Education (Research) degree focuses mainly on research in the area of education. The program aims to give students advanced training in education research and provide a research path to doctoral study in education.

The MEd(Research) is designed for students who wish to:

  • undertake a research degree, but not of the length and scale of a PhD, EdD or MPhil

  • enrol in a PhD or EdD degree but lack either an honours' year or a degree that would permit them direct admission

  • enrol in a higher degree that contains some coursework, but do not need or wish to undertake the amount required by the MEd(Coursework) program.

Entry requirements

Applicants must provide a research proposal and evidence of at least four years' university study in the final year of which they had a grade-point average of at least 70 per cent.

Program structure

The MEd (Research) has two study options:

  • Option A: thesis-only option (maximum 25,000 words) and;
  • Option B: coursework and thesis (maximum 20,000 words).

Option B

In Option B, the admissions committee will recommend two of the following units of study to be included in the study program:

With approval, candidates may replace one of these units with a different graduate-level unit of study. All coursework must be completed in the first semester of study.

Coursework assessment will be based on 5000–6000 words of written work for each unit of study.

Thesis examination will be by two examiners, neither of whom shall be the student's supervisor. One or both examiners may be from outside the University, but only one may be a University staff member.