Postgraduate research

Reasons to choose The University of Sydney for research studies

Higher-degree-research students choose the Faculty of Education and Social Work because of its outstanding range of innovative research courses for graduates.

The University of Sydney is Australia's premier research University, and the faculty is a world-class research centre in the humanities, human services and related fields.

Research students can access extensive support, including:

Education research programs   Social work research programs

Finding a supervisor and constructing a research proposal

When considering who to approach as a likely supervisor, prospective students are advised to contact a staff member who specialises in the area in which they hope to conduct their research.

Supervisors can be found through the University's Research Supervisor Connect website.

The faculty directory website can be searched by keyword (for example, 'childhood') and also categorises staff under eight major research specialties (and more than 40 sub-specialties).

Elsewhere, we provide advice about how to construct a research proposal for projects in the Faculty of Education and Social Work, which should be considered before submitting an application for admission to a research higher degree.

Entry into research higher degrees

Specific entry requirements are detailed under each degree, however, in many cases, the faculty is able to provide staged progression to a higher degree through undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Our Master of Learning Science and Technology – Research Stream program is specifically designed to cater for prospective higher-degree research students.


Local students do not pay tuition fees for research degrees. The fees charged to international students for all programs in the faculty can be found by searching for individual course information on the Sydney Courses database. Comprehensive information about payment of international fees is available from the International Student Office fee-payment page.