Undergraduate programs

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work offers a number of undergraduate degrees that lead directly to qualifications recognised in Australia and overseas in teaching or social work.

Across-discipline general electives

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work has developed a series of practical electives designed specifically to meet the demands of modern students from all faculties and professions. The electives are based on the key common principles of relevancy, a robust academic platform, engaging delivery, and expert and experienced teachers.

Across-discipline Study Abroad and Exchange electives

Over the past decade, the school has listened to the needs of incoming Study Abroad and Exchange students. The result is range of units of study, each of which is specifically designed for international students from across the academic spectrum, rather than from the disciplines of education and social work. All revolve around a robust academic platform and are supported by real-life experiences. A genuine experience of Australian culture in the Australian environment is central to every Study Abroad unit offered by the school. What this means for Study Abroad and Exchange students is that they can now live in and learn about Australia ... and receive academic credit for it.

Undergraduate courses in social work

Undergraduate courses in education

* The suspension of the DipEd(Aboriginal) and the BEd(Sec:Aboriginal Studies) has been extended pending further consideration by the University of possible pathways, modes of delivery and the availability of a broader range of teaching areas. The school hopes to introduce a new program that gives students more options and greater flexibility. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to intending students. Please continue to check back with us for advice on the introduction of any new program. You might also consider the pathways to qualifying as a teacher that we offer for primary, secondary and early-childhood teaching, including our graduate-entry program, the Master of Teaching. Aboriginal Studies is available as a teaching area specialty in the MTeach (Secondary) or, alternatively, the BEd(Sec:HSS).