Education (Early Childhood)

Inherent requirements for programs in early-childhood education

To assist students to make informed choices about their study, the Faculty of Education and Social Work has identified inherent requirements for coursework-award courses in Early Childhood Education. In order to successfully complete such a course, students must possess the qualities and skills listed in the document below.


Course duration: 4 years, full time
Assumed knowledge: depends on subjects chosen

2016 ATAR cut-off: 77.00
UAC code: 511612

This course leads to a qualification as a teacher of children aged birth to five years, in preprimary childcare and early-childhood-education settings.

Why study at the University of Sydney?

Students undertake generalist units in education and professional studies as well as units of study in the sciences, social sciences and humanities offered by the faculty of Arts, Science, and Economics and Business.

The curriculum integrates training for general- and special-early-childhood education of infants, toddlers and preschool children so that students are prepared for teaching in diverse and inclusive early-childhood environments, including schools and other community settings.

Graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to become outstanding early-childhood teachers, decision-makers, ethical leaders, and theoretical and practical thinkers.

Course outcomes

The Bachelor of Education (Early-Childhood Education) prepares graduates who have:

  • the necessary knowledge, attitudes and attributes for the effective performance of the complex tasks and responsibilities of early-childhood teachers

  • a capacity to construct, implement and evaluate appropriate programs of learning experiences for preschool and infants-school children

  • the maturity and humanity necessary for professional teaching

  • an ability to maintain, enquire into, and evaluate their own professional development

  • the ability to analyse critically new professional and policy developments.