Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport (EDGU1003)

This elective provides participants with the most up to date advice, research and news from the world of food and nutrition. The course covers nutrition topics relevant to uni students, including the latest diets, matching nutrition to sports goals and busting nutrition myths, regardless of any study you may have completed previously.

You'll learn the fundamentals of nutrition: food components, dietary guidelines, and what constitutes healthy eating. More importantly though, you'll learn how to apply this knowledge to real life with lectures and tutorials about meal planning, supermarket shopping, label reading and budgeting without compromising on nutrition.

The major assessment in this course is practical, too. You'll use your new-found nutrition knowledge and assess the quality of your own diet, pinpointing areas of potential improvement.

Unique to this elective is the level of student involvement. Each lecture will have dedicated time for discussion of current nutrition topics in the media and for answering your questions about health, food and choosing the healthiest diet for you.