General electives offered to all students

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work has developed a series of practical electives designed specifically to meet the demands of modern students from all faculties and professions. The electives are based around the key common principles of:

  • relevant topics

  • build on a robust academic platform

  • delivered in an engaging way

  • taught by experts.

Available to students across faculties, professions and countries the units focus on the general needs of current students and include topics around creativity, digital media, diet, literacy and sex.

Other units relate to coaching and teaching English internationally, which can provide the practical knowledge required to apply for employment in a range of contexts.

These general elective units – Creativity, Youth Culture and the Arts (EDGU1001), Youth and Digital Culture (EDGU1002), Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport (EDGU1003), Young People, Sex and Sexual Health (EDGU1004), Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice (EDGU1005), Texts and Expectations (EDGU1006), Teaching English Internationally (EDGU2000/3000) – are all 6 credit points and several are offered in multiple sessions.